Hero of The Day

Beard - Volkstone Rowen Mesh Beard / Black NEW @ ACCESS EVENT

Biker Jacket - Legal Insanity - Mac Biker jackets NEW @ ACCESS EVENT

Hat - DUFAUX - bandana cap NEW AT TMD

Jeans - [Deadwool] Kojima jeans -  - NEW

Boots - EQUAL - Leo Boots  NEW @ACCESS

Puppy - [Rezz Room] Boxer Dog Puppy Bark  NEW @ EQUAL 10

Bike - MotoDesign - Dreamcatcher - Skull  

Summer-ize your Style

Bento Head - LeLutka Guy FEATURED

Hair - Modulus - Evan Hair NEW AT EQUAL 10

Shirt - VUK.- Enetz NEW AT EQUAL 10

Shorts- Cold Ash - CHINO Shorts 

Boots - [Deadwool] Chukka boots - NEW @ EQUAL10

Cat in Crate - -MUSU- Cat Carrier Black (Animesh) NEW @ EQUAL 10

Hell Never Looked This Good

The Devil made it to Second Life

Skin - [ session ]  - Tom  - Tone 2  (Lelutka applier) 
Coming soon

Bento Head - LeLutka Guy 

Devil Horns - {Imeka} Small Devil Horns

Hair - Modulus - Don Hair

Wings - RO - Eternity Wings - Carnal - 

Better By Now

Hair - Modulus - Nick Hair

Shirt - TonkTastic - Sleeveless Longline 

Jeans - Legal Insanity - Jett denim NEW @ Fameshed 

Boots - {COLD-ASH} Mens LANGDON Boots - NEW @ TMD 

Basketball Shorts Are Finally Fashion

Mesh Head - LeLutka Guy -FEATURED

Facial Hair - ((Mister Razzor)) Baris Facial Hair NEW Main Store release

Tied Shirt - flow . Long Sleeve Shirt Around Neck NEW @ Hipster Event 

Tank Top - Legal Insanity - Dylan tank top 

Shorts - flow . Basketball Sweat Shorts NEW @ Man Cave

Sneakers - FLI. - 7s Cardinal 

Decor - 

Dog - [Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Play FEATURED

Van  - DRD - The Joint Delivery Van - NEW @ ANTHEM

Conquer Your Summer Style

LeLutka Axis HUD Face 
This is one of the coolest tools a photographer or blogger or just anyone who wants to have a little fun and be even more unique in Second Life.  The Axis HUD is a photographer’s tool for creating or modifying your facial animation to set up the perfect shot. It gives you control over your facial bones with a fast, intuitive interface

Its really easy to learn because once you open the HUD it opens right on a info page, it is easy to understand, and so welled layed out, you will enjoy learning this even more.  

Do yourself a favor and pick this Axis HUD up for your LeLutka.  You wont regret it!

Find out even more info about it here

Eyes - [ session ]  Innocent eyes NEW

Skin - [ session ] Ragnar Tone03 (Lelutka applier) NEW

Facial Hair - Volkstone -  Dovan Hairbase & Facial Hair

Necklace -  RealEvil Industries -  Sniper Tags

Swim Trunks - FashionNatic - JOSE SWIMSUIT NEW
Jose Swimsuit is a new exclusive release for the MEN ONLY MONTHLY! Compatible with Slink, Signature Gianni- Geralt, Belleza jake. You can find it in 10 single colors and a Fatpack. 

Next Level Gym Wear

Pose - WRONG - Bento Sit Static Male Pose includes Dumbell & iPhone -65 

Facial Hair - Volkstone Dovan Hairbase & Facial Hair NEW @ ACCESS Event

Modulus - Larry Hair - NEW @ ACCESS EVENT

Tank Top - Legal Insanity - Dylan tank top dirty&clean 

<Kalback> Sweat Shorts M4 NEW @ MAN CAVE

Drink - junk Food - Hatorade (Fruit Punch) NEW @ ACCESS EVENT
 Hatorade Bottles the Petty Quencher! Bento animated drink bottles with male/female/static posed drink bottles, all 9 flavors included.

Cat Therapy

Hair - Modulus - Pete Hair 

Head - **LELUTKA Bento Head-GUY

Gum - .LeLutka Gum Gum Boom 

Skin -  [ session ] Axel Tone02 (Lelutka applier) NEW AT EQUAL 10

Eyes -   [ session ] Innocent Eyes

Shirt - Gabriel - ::GB:: Open shirt 2019 NEW AT EQUAL 10

Pants - ExalteD - Capri Nicholas NEW AT ACCESS EVENT

Pose - Wrong 

Cats - From Left to right

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Familly

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Play

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Jump

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sit

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sleep

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Nap

Location - NorderNey

Judgement Day

Hair  - Modulus - Rory Hair 

Mask - KAI - mask Dunx - NEW AT EQUAL10

Jacket - [Deadwool] Deserter jacket  10 colors (+ 2 camo versions ONLY in Fat pack). Single colors include: interior in 14 colors; shirt collar (on/off) in 7 colors.- AVAILABLE AT ANTHEM

Jeans - [Deadwool] Kojima jeans - Gianni - (rolled up) NEW AT ANTHEM

Gloves - TonkTastic - FDT Gloves 

Location - Everwinter

Disclaimer- This is not real, nor implied, nor is anyone in any type of dismay.  Do not become stupid and do any of these things in real life.  

Down South

Hat - //Ascend// Josh Baseball Cap

Shirt - TonkTastic - Sleeveless Longline NEW @ ANTHEM

Jeans - [Deadwool] Kojima jeans - Gianni - (rolled up)  NEW @ ANTHEM

Boots - Lenox Burleigh Boots Black 

Dog - [Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Sleeping
Dog House - [Rezz Room] Dog House Triangular
[Rezz Room] Dog Bowl Triangular
[Rezz Room] Dog Toy Triangular

NEW @ 6 Republic

Taken at NorderNey