Coffee at the Park

There is still some time left at The Arcade to pick up over 100 different Gacha item.  The event closes March 31 and there are three sims to choose from if you can't get in!
Only one week left!
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From left to right:

Building -  [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Building- RARE

22769 - Flower in Pot White - COMMON

22769 - Sloppy Square Rug - COMMON

22769 - Amphore with Boxtree White - COMMON

22769 - Flower Bowl Brown - COMMON

15 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Sweets Case-(Glass)

17 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Strawberry cake-

16 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Frost cake-

16 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Marble cake-

18 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Pound cake (Almond)

18 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Pound cake (Milk)

19 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Pound cake- (Strawberry)

19 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Pound cake- (Chocolate)

10 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Dripping Coffee-

2 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Park Bench- RARE

3 [[RH]] Cafe in The Park -Music Clock- RARE

11 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Pot- (Red

)Sleepy Eddy_ Displayed Glasses (White)

14 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cups-

23  [[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Light (Green)-

[[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Take out coffee server-  REWARD(Touch)

BUENO- Bike -Yella

Heat Wave


Facial Hair - VOLKSTONE - Borz (NEW)

Necklace - [Bad Unicorn] 'Watergun' Silver Mane Chain  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT) 


Skin - STRAY DOG - Andreas - (FEATURED) 

Watch - :::NOIR::: -  Angus Watch - Available in Black, Brown and Saddle (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - NOT SO BAD -   TIMEO jeans . fitted . SIGNATURE  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT) 

Belt  - NOT SO BAD -  NYL belt . SIGNATURE 


Backdrop - [Bad Unicorn] 'The Docks' Backdrop (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Garbage Bin - PILOT - Garbage Skip (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Bicycle  - Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bicycle [Heavy Rust] - (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Generator - NOMAD // Portable Power Generator (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Motorcycle - [sau] Pegasus II[1.01]  (NEW)

Homeless Shopping Cart - NOMAD // Scavenger Cart RARE (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Blue Bucket - PILOT - Mortar Bucket  (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Coffee Server - [[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Take out coffee server-  REWARD (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Brick Stack - PILOT - Brick Stack (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Bags of Motar - PILOT - Mortar Mix (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Planks of Wood - PILOT - Planks (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Brick Pile - PILOT - Brick Pile small - (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Contraband Explosive Shop - NOMAD // Explosives Shop (NEW AT THE ARCADE)


The Arcade opens March 1 featuring 100 of the grid’s best designers and builders, each whom offer a collection of high-quality prizes sold at random from gacha machines within The Arcade’s build.

Jian is a sponsor of the Arcade and has made these amazing German Shepherds. You can pick up the companion, the wanderer, the amazing ones you hold and of course static poses.   For those who know me, know that a shepherd is my favorite breed.  So of course it is the first preview the SL Registry will do for this round of the Arcade.  

Pour It Up

Strip clubs and dollar bills
I still got my money
Patron shots can I get a refill?
I still got my money
Strippers goin' up and down that pole
And I still got my money
Four o'clock and we ain't going home
Cause I still got my money

Skybox - [Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party Skybox 
Sectional - [Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party 10 Seater Sofa - PG
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party Table
[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party VIP Rope 1
(New at The Mens Dept)

Balloon Bed (PG) CHEZ MOI

Outfits from Left to right:
 boots : TRSN - Patch Work Boots  (SHG) - Black
Shorts : ..S..: Denim Thong - Black
Hair : little bones. Elle (S/Fiore)
 Top: HEAVY// Acid Tank - Lil Kim

Couple Pose - PURPLE POSES - Couple 622 (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Street Style

Hair - DOUX - Uncombed Hairstyle 

        Skin - Stray Dog -  Andreas - (NEW AT FETISH FAIR)

Jacket - not so bad . HANS jacket . fitted mesh (new at TMD)

Jeans - Kalback - Original Jeans M2  (JANUARY SIGNATURE EVENT ITEM)

Bike - Turlaccor Custombike  - Dark knight  - Extreme (NEW)

Location - BOILER ROOM 
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Find Your Inner Savage

Hat - HXNOR -  Army Green Savage Beanie (NEW AT MEN ONLY MONTHLY)
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Visit Signature Event

Visit Signature Event

Glasses - [Z O O M] Starwood Glasses (NEW AT MEN ONLY MONTHLY)
New at Men Only Monthly

Jacket - ::Gabriel::One-shoulder jacket (NEW AT EPIPHANY)
Visit Epiphany

Necklace - Cold Ash - WESTON Necklace (PREVIOUS ULTRA ITEM)

Backpack - Deadwool- [Deadwool] Quest backpack - army green

Jeans - <Kalback> Original Jeans M2_FULLPACK (Signature) 
Visit Signature Event

Backdrop  - ::no13::Old wooden building (NEW)

Bike - DUCA DESMO16 - Lowlag (NEW)
Visit Turlaccor Motorcycles

Social Lubrication

Pose - Le Poppycock *Under the Influence*  Social Lubrication

Skin - Signature - Jerimih Body (NEW AT SIGNATURE EVENT) 
Head -Signature -  Jeremih Head (NEW AT SIGNATURE EVEMT)
Beard -Signature -  Jerimih (NEW AT SIGNATURE EVENT)

Cock - Signature - (NEW AT SIGNATURE EVENT)


Hair - Argrace - Arata  (FEATURED) 


Angelberry Outfit by Blueberry 
Gacha Set includes:
Angelberry Bra
Angelberry Halo
Angelberry Panties
Angelberry Corset
Angelberry Wings 
Angelberry Heels 
Visit Blueberry at Epiphany

Bento Mesh Head - Lelutka - Simone (FEATURED)

Hair - Littles Bones - Silence (FEATURED) 

Dance with Me

"What you can accomplish with a partner will always be greater than what you could accomplish alone"

Building - Soy. The Studio with mirror & ballet bar (NEW AT COLLABOR88)

Hair - Modulus - Lou Hair (FEATURED)

Skin - Stray Dog - Roman - (NEW AT ULTRA EVENT)

Eyebrows - IDTTY Faces - Real Eyebrows (NEW AT ULTRA EVENT)

Pose - : SenseS : Couple 02 

On Her:
Hair - no.match_ - No Other (NEW AT ULTRA EVENT)

Outfit- Vale Koer - Essential Crop top & Waist Panties - (NEW AT KUSTOM 9)


Hair - DOUX - Uncombed Hairstyle

Skin - Owen - Stray Dog (NEW)

Tattoo - -Nivaro- 'Skulls N Mischief' (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - Not so bad . mesh . NYL jeans . black (NEW AT TMD)

Neon Devil - Unkindness - Neon Stud Devil (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Neon Angle - Unkindness - Neon Stud Angel (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)