Never far...

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On Him:
Suit - Gabriel Slim fit suit /Blue
12 shirt textures, 12 tie textures

Shoes - Gabriel Wing Tip High Cut Shoes Dawnpink

On Her:
Gabriel Sweater Dress
It comes in 5 colours and all sizes!

Landmark to Gabriel  

Pose - KaTink - Never Far

Landmark to KaTink

Santa's New Sleigh

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This beautiful car has been inspired by the R8 Spyder build by the Audi cooperation in Germany. Then brought on to the grid to enhance your Second Life experience by Surplus Motors

It is a high quality mesh car, made to give you the optimal viewing and driving experience. You can drive with the top open or closed. 

It comes in 8 different colors!

The interior has been enhanced with custom texturing. 
Wheels and brakes were exchanged for high end mesh parts that give it that true real life feel.

This car has so much to offer.. check it out here

*** Sneak Peak ***

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Just a peak.... for now.



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Brontosaurus by PREHISTORICA

MESH Brontosaurus Avatar
* 100% mesh avatar body with all new realistic animations and improved AO.

* Model based on the skeletal drawings of Scott Hartman (, used with permission, for increased paleontological accuracy.

* All-new single attachment HUD control with 24 action buttons, preloader for sounds and animations, help and options. Roar, fight, eat, drink, poop, sleep, build nests, lay eggs, play dead, and enjoy Second Life as a living, breathing dinosaur!

* Brand new Customiser HUD features over 40 customisation options including 16 skin themes (2 unique to the dinosaur species, 14 terrain-themed including never before seen Mountain, Plains, Midnight, Swamp and Snow themes) numerous eye, tooth, and claw options, and a new option to create your own textures and store them as "Custom Themes" to be switched to at the press of a button!

This is one BIG amazingly detailed Dino. Go check it out here:

On your mark...get set....

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Featured item: YUKI snowmobile by [SAU]
YUKI is a 2 seated snowmobile with a lots of features, texture sets,sound sets, and good controlling and low lag.-Amazing details 
-Fine controlling 



-Well made model and textures 


-Full set of custom made ,seamless 14 animations 
(included parking x3, and animations for passenger)
-Full set of custom sounds. 


-Brake light,Turning indicators,headlight. 


-Color/Texture changer 
(10 main textures) 

(Options->Graphics->paint-> select a part ->next to change texture)


-You can adjust almost everything about control by yourself such like steer,banking,gear etc. 
-perfect physic shape 


Coming Soon to the Arcade

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Here's a sneak peak of what's to come at the Arcade for the month of December 1st to the 31st!

 Country Club (168,177,3115)

** Sneak Peak **

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王朝 DYNASTY brings to you their newest collection for the December Arcade.
This includes 6 tops in total,
4 Nordic Hoodies: Forest, Frost, Winter, and Woods (Common Items)
and 2 Winter Hoodies: Earth and Ocean (Rare Items)


Pose is by KaTink called Ready to Rock
This is a two person pose but can be detached so it is a one person pose!



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New releases from Legal Insanity!

On Her:
Dress - Kelly Turtleneck Dress in black/eggplant

On Him:
Sweater - Stefano wool V nack sweater black
Kilt - Conner Kilt Herringbone Black


Pose - Date night by KaTink

~ District 13 ~

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Featured on her:

[sYs] Carmen Boots in Black
[sYs] Cleo Hair in Blue/Black
[sYs] Raven Outfit 


Taken at Insilico

*** New Release ***

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[M] Men's Relaxed Jacket in Red *NEW* includes:
 13 Shirts 
3 Zipper styles
Hide zipper & shirt separately

Fatpack includes:
10 Jacket textures
3 Zipper styles
Hide zipper & shirt separately
5 Sizes 
Rigged Mesh


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"If sex were shoes, I'd wear you out.."

Shoes by [sYs] Pumpart Shoes

Purchase directly on the marketplace at:


Jump Shot

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Featured on him:

*NEW* Basketball Shirt 23 Red by [Ner.Ink] @ The Mens Dept - Landmark:

Male Cargo Shorts by [M] Motivaction - Landmark:

Pose by KaTink ~ PNP Basketball

Photo taken at:
Lionheart Vitani, LPDW Public Basketball Court

Second Life "Project Interesting" - New Virtual World Improvements!

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Winter Wonderland

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Featured on Her:
Shoes by Apple Fall ~ AF HUGG (Icicle) *NEW* @ Shoetopia
Skirt by [M] Motivaction ~ My Belted Skirt 
Sweater by Gizza ~ Let Loose Series

Featured on Him:
Shoes by Apple Fall ~ AF HUGG Cream *NEW* @ Shoetopia
Jacket by [BarmaleY] ~ Jacket Kris in Blue *NEW* @ The Mens Dept

Pose is by KaTink ~ He's With Me

Taken at Small Town Green

*** New Release ***

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Introducing the Mako 40m Livable Yacht!

After months of work hundreds of hours. The Mako is our best work to date, this yacht is amazing from top to bottom. It has a huge interior and many functions and is 100% mesh construction.
You have to see it to believe it!

The Mako features:
- Huge livable interior
- Multi scene lower level
- Sit & Go and attachments available
- White and black versions included
- 100 % mesh
- Working Alarm
- Tons of Animations
- Working media
- Lock & Unlock
- Optional cruise control
- Innovative mouselook mode
- Fully dynamite physical driving engine
- Fully Customizable camera controls
- Fully customizable pose controls
- Purchasable addons & extras
- Working lighting and navigation system
- Amazing detail & decor
Taken at The Grove Estates

*** Opening Act in AFI Designs *** New Release ***

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" Fashionably forward in AFI Designs "

On Her:
AFI Designs - Forbidden Dress

On Him:
AFI Designs - Press Outfit, includes the jacket and pants
 .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ LUZ ~ Dark Brown VII
Riaxik - Roman - Mesh avatar with customizable HUD


** New Releases **

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For us ladies, we have the Group Gift from Legal Insanity! I have been searching for a well fitted mens shirt for awhile and this one does the job just right! There is nothing sexier than wearing your mans shirt with nothing underneath.


For the men, there is the Flow Boxer Shorts at The Mens Dept. It's still going strong and don't miss out!


** New Release ** Tango with nDisPose

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Sneak Peak of Tango By nDisPose


+ILO+ at The Mens Dept

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Don't forget The Mens Dept is still going on strong!

Just a few more items to spoil us with!

Lounger - +ILO+ Modular Lounger Chair 
Ashtray- +ILO+ Standing Ashtray
Jacket - Blankline_020_3 Button Jackets Male in navy. Available in 4 jacket colours and 3 shirt colours!


*** Sneak Peak *** Cornered by nDisPose

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Ever found yourself in a tight squeeze with a hottie? 
Well you can now with nDisPose's newly released pose!


** New Release ** @ The Mens Dept

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B I R D Y - Damon Skin

Check out the new porcelain skin release by Birdy this month at The Mens Department.
For the men who don't really care to tan in the sun, this skin is perfect for those wanting more of that flawless porcelain skin tone. 


** New Release ** NikotiN @ The Mens Dept

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NikotiN Premium Cigarettes @ The Mens Dept for all those smokers.. and non smokers. Sure, you may hate cigarettes but this one created by Raph Dirval is the best thing you will get to the real thing without those nasty side effects.

You can take the cig out of the pack...put it in your mouth...reach in your pocket to get your lighter out... and light it up!

The ash drops and the cigarette gets smaller, it takes about 4 minutes for the cigarette to go out however you can set the delay with the HUD!

You can drop it on the ground and put it out with your shoe!

There is a gender button included for guys and girls animations.

You can pick up the pack of cigs at:

And who's the handsome fella in the pic? It's none other than Jinn the owner and designer of Dynasty.

You can pick up a pack of cigs from there too, along with some cool threads created by Jinn!


** New Release ** @ The Mens Dept

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Don't forget The Mens Dept is still up and running if you haven't been there already! 
The sweater and shirt combo is from Gabriel but I won't tell you the rest you just have to come down and check it out!


If you haven't snagged yourself these HUGGS by our dear friend Apple Fall, you better head on over! 
It's like walking on cotton balls fellas. It's the kind of thing a man must be comfortable in his own skin to rock and I think Roman pulls it off just fine. 
Apple Falls HUGGS are available @ Shoetopia


** New Release ** @ The Mens Dept

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Like the Avi? .. It's Riaxik and his name? Roman [AV2.0 T2] Starter Kit. That's right named after yours truly.
- The starter kit includes the complete mesh avatar "starter kit"
- HUD run avatar
- Each mesh is completely adjustable to your own shape, with minor adjustments
You can customize: The eyebrows, mouth, skin, nose shape, ears and more!

Landmark to The Mens Dept:

Landmark to Riaxik:

** New Release ** Strip Foosball @ The Mens Dept

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Another new release for The Mens Dept!
Strip Foosball is the name of the game.. but the stripping part is a bonus!

This really cool detailed foosball table comes with poses built in and is highly detailed to give this table a really nice realistic feel.

Come down and grab one, while you still can!


** New Release **

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This bad ass mask was just released at The Mens Dept for the month of November!
It contains a convenient script for you to switch in between textures and variations and the ability to switch positions from your head down to your face!

Must see!


The Mens Dept. for the month of November

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For the month of November The Mens Dept is well under way featuring some of the most desired and much needed items for your Second Life experience. 

This side-swept hair gives the messy yet perfectly styled that way look to your avatar. It gives this hair a realistic twist to all things hair-y.

The skin is also quite impressive with it's details and smooth lines! Beware ladies staring at this picture may cause heat palpitations, nausea, light headedness, swooning and a possible broken heart LOL, 

Hair: [INK] Hair __Ogle:: Black
Skin: Clef de Peau: Martin: Dark brows


** New Release ** Black Hawke Down

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Bad ass toys for bad ass boys.... and girls!

Blackhawk UH60. New updated version 3.0
Extremely realistic flight system
Vice enabled
Includes 2 versions: combat and non combat
Highly detailed mesh design
Working flight controls
2 types of missiles
Seats 8 avatars
Custom sounds
United States Army theme
Working doors
Particle effects when close to the ground/water
Combat version is 102 PE
Non combat is 81 PE
Both versions have no attachments and are sit and go

Please visit the inworld demo:

Tonktastic Combat Mask:
HUD controlled, 10 colours, straps and back can be hidden if needed, multi-directional resizable, animated (mask on/mask off)
Rigged mesh, copy, mod

Protective Gloves
Kevlar pants
Kevlar vest
All include a HUD to customize their look and size

The Combat Continent
If you are looking for combat this is the place!
It is a central hub of military activity with 6 regions so far. There is plenty to fight over


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[SAU] proudly presents Phoenix SUPERBIKE

Four wheels move the body
Two wheels move the soul

With 6 years of 3D modeling experience, this superbike was made to be the best one you have ever seen in Second Life.
The [sau] Guarantee. No ripped model and other Internet model used. You get 100% legal original stuff!
Phoenix is a two seated superbike with lots of features, texture sets, sound sets, good controlling and low lag.
Phoenix used parts of my new paint system for its tank. Now paint jobs became more interesting: get the paint can, rezz your bike and wear your paint can, it will automatically load paint jobs from the can, next time, just click the tank.
Comes with garage kit (hamster energy vending machine, bike cover, bike lift, tent coffee mug)
Please rezz updater in the box to get the latest version first.

A must see in order to get the real experience of this SUPERBIKE!

*** [Hoorenbeek] ***

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** New Release ** [Surplus Motors] Cayman Gulf Edition

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The [Surplus Motors] Cayman Gulf Edition is a hommage to the collaboration between German supercar brand and the famous lubricant brand.
Highly detailed custom texturing, many features that are a must see! The car is mostly menu driven but is easier to use with included HUD.


** New Releases ** [Hoorenbeek] & Moon Motors

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This is the jacket from [Hoorenbeek] you will love!
Not only because it's quality or for being one of the most iconic, but also for all the options this jacket will give you. Jacket can be worn open or closed. 

Car is from Moon Motors C3. Car includes multiple textures and many more colours to choose from, copy and mod, re sizable, poses for driver and passenger, optional HUD included, 3 hood styles and removable T tops.

** New Releases ** Rock & Roll Fantasy

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If it's too LOUD!!!!.. you're too old! So crank it up and check out these new release!

Pose - nDisPose Be the ROCK GOD you want to be with this fun 2 person pose

On him:
Pants [R3] - Declan Jeans [V2] by Revolt - HUD that include different texture change belt, buckle and ties.

[R3] Byron Coat by Revolt that comes with a texture change HUD so you can also change cuffs, jackets and straps.

Mesh Avatar - RIAXIK - Roman "yes named after yours truly". Starter kit complete mesh avatar with HUD.
Each mesh is completely adjustable to your own shape with minor adjustments. The head is not adjustable but head shapes are available.


** Sneak Peek** reBourne Geneve

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reBourne's Geneve is a sleek contemporary cottage surrounded by beautiful Swiss moutain scenery. Rustic interior, lots of light, dramatic shadows, natural wood tones and floor to ceiling characterize this home and bring it out from the formality.
It's a romantic getaway with fresh open spaces.


** NEW RELEASES ** Vista Animations - Mocap Couples - HUD extended

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Welcome to the first ever HUD created by Vista Animations.
At Vista Animations, we believe in providing the best and most realistic moves and dances to enhance your Second Life.
Get closer to the one you love with this amazing realistic HUD.
Extended edition includes 35 preloaded couples animations!


** NEW RELEASE ** Dynasty - Imagine That -

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DYNASTY - Imagine That - Just came out with some pretty cool stuff. This red & white hoodie comes in 5 sizes and fits really good. 10 additional colours and stripe combos available.

The i.T x [dynasty]- White Delay Chinos that come in 5 additional colours!
Do you love a company with heart, then this is definitely a store to check out!


** NEW RELEASES ** Iron Knight Armour & ~*WH*~ Mesh Draft Horse

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No stone has been left unturned with this mesh horse from White Horse ~*WH*~ 
All body parts and animations made from realistic draft horses. HUD includes: animations, gestures and over-ride AO. English and Western riding systems including for this realistic horse avatar.

SG Designs - Iron Knight Steel Armour is Mesh and comes in BADASS!
Rigged mesh with Cinema 3D.
Come with armour, boots, helmet and gloves.


A Picture's Worth

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Legal Insanity - Sonnet Fur Gilet Vest *fatpack* Wind

Legal Insanity has come out with this vest that I just adore! I wear it with every and anything. Over a tank, over a dress, over a leather jacket. It is an excellent way to transition your summer and fall items into winter.

I teamed it with Maitreya's couture pants in suede acrue, Lagyo accessories, Mandala nails that I just love and Truth hair.


True Blood

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MADesigns - TROY - Red & Black
MADesigns - Hairbase - Tribe 4 - Black
Akeruka  - Skin - Godric SP3
MADesigns - Nature - Bleeding Sky


Dynasty & Imagine That

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My favourite season is here. No better way to be stylish and warm in this sweater from Dynasty & Imagine That. 
[dynasty] x i.T - Gray leather trim turrleneck
i.T. [dynasty] - Delay Chinos
The pants look great with the sweater and don't eat your shoes and make your butt look great!


Bastard / Bitch Store

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Yes... Bastard/Bitch by Maxwell Graf is the name of the store.

If you know me folks,  I'm a cheap bastard and his clothes and accessories are also fairly priced and of great quality.
On my wife, what woman doesn't want a nice classy purse 
Casual baggy pants comes with a HUD including 28 different fabrics that come in a variety of colours and designs! She can wear with the 29,649 pairs of shoes she has!

Landmark to the store:


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~*WH*~ Water Horse Mesh - White Tailed Deer Mesh Avatar
The avatar comes with a customized deer AO with unique animations, speeds. It also comes with pre-loaded notecard so you can set which animations suit you best.
The HUD contains gestures, huds, sits, walks, swimming, flying and crouch sits.
You can also customize the texture and the antlers!


Living it up in Motivaction

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On him:
[M] Motivaction Male Cargo. Featuring 10 patterns + fatpack. Changeable metals, belt, shorts, boxers all with a click of the HUD

On her:
[M] Motivaction Unzipped Dress. Interchangeable patterns, textures, metals on the dress with the HUD. Make it your own!
D!va Asami Hair
League stockings


A little satisfying

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Legal Insanity - Rajesh Shorts
Comes in 5 sizes, featuring >>Project Materials<< by Linden Labs.
Project materials bring more life and realism to the material. The brief reflects a realistic light and will change as you move. Because who goes into the water and doesn't get wet.

They come in all different colours including optical and prints!


The Pothead Collection

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The Pothead Collection - Mesh board shorts by Faboo
Right near the beach mon!
In all sizes! Mod and Transfer. 



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New release from PreHistorica - Dawn Kingdoms Tyrannosaurus Rex MESH AVATAR

Big thank you to Tomais for being a part of this!
The mighty tyrannosaurus Rex arrives at Dawn Kingdoms in brand new mesh form. The result of 3 months of work, this fully featured avatar includes:
100% mesh new avatar with all new realistic animations and improved AO.
Model based on the skeletal drawings of Scott Hartman ( used for permission with increased paleontological accuracy.
All new single attachment HUD with 24 active buttons, preloader for sound and animations, help and options. 
Roar, fight, eat, poop, build nests, sleep, lay eggs, play dead and enjoy Second Life as a real life dinosaur.
Free life time updates!