** New Release ** NikotiN @ The Mens Dept

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NikotiN Premium Cigarettes @ The Mens Dept for all those smokers.. and non smokers. Sure, you may hate cigarettes but this one created by Raph Dirval is the best thing you will get to the real thing without those nasty side effects.

You can take the cig out of the pack...put it in your mouth...reach in your pocket to get your lighter out... and light it up!

The ash drops and the cigarette gets smaller, it takes about 4 minutes for the cigarette to go out however you can set the delay with the HUD!

You can drop it on the ground and put it out with your shoe!

There is a gender button included for guys and girls animations.

You can pick up the pack of cigs at:

And who's the handsome fella in the pic? It's none other than Jinn the owner and designer of Dynasty.

You can pick up a pack of cigs from there too, along with some cool threads created by Jinn!


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