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[SAU] proudly presents Phoenix SUPERBIKE

Four wheels move the body
Two wheels move the soul

With 6 years of 3D modeling experience, this superbike was made to be the best one you have ever seen in Second Life.
The [sau] Guarantee. No ripped model and other Internet model used. You get 100% legal original stuff!
Phoenix is a two seated superbike with lots of features, texture sets, sound sets, good controlling and low lag.
Phoenix used parts of my new paint system for its tank. Now paint jobs became more interesting: get the paint can, rezz your bike and wear your paint can, it will automatically load paint jobs from the can, next time, just click the tank.
Comes with garage kit (hamster energy vending machine, bike cover, bike lift, tent coffee mug)
Please rezz updater in the box to get the latest version first.

A must see in order to get the real experience of this SUPERBIKE!

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