Lady Luck

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On Him:

Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. - JAKE. Dark Brown

BowTie - Kauna - Tuxedo BowTie. Black 

Cummerbund - Kauna - Tuxedo Cummerbund. Black 

Shirt - Kauna - Tuxedo Shirt. White

Pants - Kauna - Tuxedo Trousers. Black

Shoes -Kauna - Wingtip Brogues 

Accessories are available with Bow tie, cummerbund and handkerchief and are available in  black, blue, crimson, emerald, purple white

Tuxedo jackets and trousers are mix and match and are available in black, carmine, cream forest, gold, maroon navy, purple silver and white

On Her:
Dress - [LG] K Collection Get Right Dress

Hair - Truth Hair - Harlie

Girls on Film

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Body Suit - Baii Maii - 015 Leather/Body Stocking/Mesh

Hair - Truth - Gaia (NEW)

Pose - F*cking Ninjas - Pole Vixen
A Mad Girl Ninjas' Original Design. Includes the pole

Photo taken at The Naughty Box Burlesque Theater

Coming soon... stay tuned for more details

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Project DNA is well on its way...

Mix and Match your way to the perfect you!

Avatar by Riaxik
You choose from the following to personalize your mesh avatar:

- Hairbase
- Face
- Eyebrows
- Facial hair
- Body type from plain, toned, muscular, aged and much more
- Body hair
- Over 100 combos 
and more!

Coming soon... so stay tuned for more details...


Pose - STAKEY - Cocky 03

The Millionaire

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 ----The Millionaire AO----

Refined, confident and with the world at his feet, the man who wears ‘The Millionaire’ AO from Vista Animations is a class act.

This is an AO with subtle stands, walks and sits to give you an air of prestige and masculine elegance in any situation. When you want the world to notice you, choose ‘The Millionaire’ for maximum impact.

Featuring brand new animation technology, ‘The Millionaire’ has new neck movements for a hyper realistic look – it’s the most dazzling male animation ever created by Vista Animations.

This AO is perfect for conquering the SL business world, for socializing and for quiet seduction!

60 seconds stands. This allow you to do more quiet stands.

-Mesh friendly Animations are optimized to deform mesh clothing  

-New breathing effect more realistic, soft and subtle

-14 mocap stands 60 seconds made with the new mocap system, the best system available in the market. Vicon Blade2!

-More dances than ever, 7 brand new dances made especially for this AO



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Jacket - Lapoint&Bast - Swear Mesh Classic Leather Jacket

Heels - BSD Design Studio - Less is More. Gray

Photo taken at Forgotten City 

It's A Wonderful Life

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On Her:

Hair - (Chemistry) Hair - Harlie (B) (Rigged) - Hud.1 (NEW)

Jacket - Legal Insanity - Jenna Leather Jacket (NEW)

Jeans - Legal Insanity - Penny Jeans Retro. Black (NEW)

Skin - Belleza - Tara 

On Him:

Coat - Gabriel ::GB:: - Bicolor p Coat. Blue (NEW)

Pants - KMADD Moda  - Wool Pants. TWO TONE (Light) 
Comes with texture change hud!! (NEW)

Shoes - .:L&B:. - "Dress Shoe" Wingtip Shoe  
Comes with awesome Texture change HUD and socks!! (NEW) 

Avatar - .:. RIAXIK .:. - Roman. [ Modifiable ]  AV2.0

Animations -  Vista Animations - Mocap Couples Hud with Addon 


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Shirt - 22769 - [homme] Slacker Jumper. Red @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Pants - 22769 - [homme] illfitting pants. Brown @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Shoes - [ hoorenbeek ] - Kursk - Men. Red 

Skin - Belleza - Dylan DT 

Barrel - 22769 - [bauwerk] Oil Barrel Chair @ The Mens Dept (NEW)

Location -   ! ʀ3ᴠᴏʟᴛ !

Under the Mistletoe

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On Her:
Outfit - [M] Motivaction - Short Tied Top & Double Layered Mini Skirt
Comes with a HUD. Interchangeable everything!

Sweater -/ XIAJ / - Hikaru Sweater (Nordic) (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - Kal Rau Casual Chino - Red Size

Shoes  -AF Hugg Boot - Natural


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Tables - Second Spaces - Craig Tables @ The Mens Dept (NEW)

Shoe Shine Kit - Second Spaces - Vintage Shoe Shine Set @ The Mens Dept (NEW)

Bed - 11th Hour - Deans Bed PG @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

15 Minutes

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Jacket - etham - Jack Coat - Black  @ The Mens Dept (NEW)

Pants - <Kal Rau> Casual Chino_Plaid 

Glasses - Adjunct -  Browline Readers - Tortoise

Shoes - [LOVE RE ME] - Boots brown @ The Mens Dept (NEW)

Photo taken at:
 ! R3VOLT !

Creations for Parkinsons

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CREATIONS FOR PARKINSON'S" is a top quality venture to raise awareness and donations for Team Fox to benefit The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. 100% of all income goes to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Team Fox.

After 2 years in Second Life, my brother and I felt a desire to give meaning and purpose to the hours we spent in-world. Our dad died with Parkinson's and our mother has it now. To quote her "I may have Parkinson's, but it does not have me." At 85 years young, she has entered Second Life and is thrilled to see herself running and dancing again. 

This sim was created for everyone to enjoy. Those of us in Second Life can have fun while knowing we are making a difference in the real world. Those who are affected by Parkinson's can learn about SL, a world where they can be free of physical limitations.


Stunning photos ops in each of these gorgeous areas.

BEACH- Cuddle blanket, camp fire, hammock, buried alive!
Water dancing, cave, tooby rezzor
PALACE- Belly dancing, jacuzzi, meditation, look-out tower

Windsurfing, motor boat, sail boat, jet-ski, toobies, swim animation, high dive, Bayou Blues Club. JUMP in the water for the Mermaid Paradise

30 of Second Life's top fashion designers are on this sim. They are listed alphabetically below.

"Impertinence- Medieval Designs", 
Find the secret passageways,  Hang Gliding from highest tower.

30 of Second Life's top fashion designers are on this sim. They are listed alphabetically below.

This fascinating art exhibit by artist/architect DB Bailey is a cacophony of form. color and strange spaces. It is an expression of his experience with Parkinson's from the day he was diagnose on the first level, as he found Second Life which allowed him to continue his work and upwards towards the illuminating creativity he experiences today.

Available 24/7 for romantic dancing or Join us in formal attire on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8m SLT

Featuring Fine Art,. Group theme shows change monthly

Rez or purchase Arion Horses for exploring the sim. 
Dance in the comfortable Michael J's Music Club

Climb the waterfall mountain, Romantic dancing, see your unique aura colors as you meditate,Tai Chi mats, hot tub with an ocean view. Be sure to see the tree house.

This stunning environment is a work in progress. Enjoy the sensuality of swimming underwater as you enjoy the romantic palace, ballroom and Atlantis. More to come!

Join us for casual open air dancing 6-8 on Mondays and Fridays, 4-6 on Wednesdays.

The only sim sized ice skating area in SL. Ski lift to the top of the mountain for sledding and skiing. Hot Air Balloon, Hot Chocolate and snow ball fights, Romantic Crystal Ballroom and Wonderland Dance Gazebo, Explore the forest for winter camping, warm up by the fire in the cozy cabin. Great photos ops.

DESIGNERS- Our generous designers donate 50% of every purchase on this sim to the Michael J Fox Foundation.

The Winter Ball 2013 at the Grove Country Estates

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The Grove Country Estates will be hosting a formal Winter Ball for the residents of Second Life set in a hauntingly whimsical Narnia-theme venue by Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative.


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Suit - [monso] - My Cook Suit - Yellow @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Mask - [monso] My Cook Mask - Black @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Avatar - [CheerNo] - Mesh Eros_V 1.0_T 

Shoes - Hoorenbeek [ h ] - Patagonia - Wheat

Strolling in Style

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Hair - KMADD.::MADesigns HAIR::. - JAKE - Dark Brown 

Coat - Motivaction - Men's Trench Coat  
Comes with Texture Hud

Jeans - Hoorenbeek [ h ] - Mesh Jeans for Boots - Washed Blue

Boots- Hoorenbeek [ h ] - Mesh Army Boots - Gritty Rust 

Skin - Belleza - Dylan DT 

The Hangover

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Hat - !gO! baby I'm back! shirt lampshade inc Texture HUD (NEW)

Shirt - !gO! baby I'm back!shirt and tie stained (NEW)

Shorts - !gO! baby I'm back!boxer shorts NEW)

Shoes -  ISPACHI Mesh [Mason Brogues]


The Interrogation

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Suit - Kauna - Blazer - Houndstooth - Grey
Kauna -  Handkerchief - Plain White
Kauna -  Shirt - White 
 Waistcoat - Kauna -  Houndstooth Grey 
Pants - Kauna -   Houndstooth - Grey /w Black Belt
Shoes - Kauna - Wingtip Brogues (Comes with texture change HUD) 

Pose - Interrogation by nDisPose - (NEW)

The Grove Country Club Estates

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The Grove Country Club Estates is a country club theme community within Second Life.  As an upscale residential development, we offer a community that is rich in content.  Residents are provided with an infrastructure which allows for mobility around the estate as well as community events, venues, and a wide range of entertainment options for your enjoyment.  

The Grove has many amenities to offer such as The Grove Country Club, The Warehouse, Common Grounds, Casablanca Bay Beach, The Grove Marina and Woodland Park.

* Host of The Arcade Gacha Events *

For a tour of The Grove, please contact our community concierge team: Dar Writer, Xandrah Sciavo or Bren Betts.


Halley's Comet

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Jacket -{Howl} - Winterreise Coat [Khaki]  @ The Mens Dept (NEW)

Pants - Hoorenbeek-[ h ] - Mesh - Jeans for Boots - Washed Blue

Gloves - Kauna - Fingerless Gloves
Comes with HUD (NEW)

Hair-.::MADesigns HAIR::. - JAKE - Dark Brown VIII

Boots - Hoorenbeek [ h ] - Mesh - Army Boots - Men - Gritty Sand 

Skin - Belleza- Dylan DT (chest hair) 2

Telescope - BALACLAVA!! - Stargazer Telescopes - A The Mens Dept (NEW)

Man at Work

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Cheerno Mesh Avatar Eros Tan (NEW)

Hoorenbeek [ h ] Classic Jeans - Mesh - Indigo (NEW)

Asphyxia Builder Belt  (FEATURED)

Hoorenbeek-Mesh Army Boots- Gritty Sand (NEW)

All the World's a Stage

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Mask - [sYs] Designs - Jezebel Mask (NEW)
Dress - [sYs] Designs - Majestic Long Dress (NEW)

Coffee Break

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Mesh Avatar - .:. RIAXIK .:. - Roman  [ Modifiable ]  AV2.0

Jacket - D R O P - Nylon Parka (BLACKxGREEN) @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Shoes - [JuSt CoOl] - The Gwid Shoe @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Large caramel latte provided By Neva Sky Villi :-)



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Shirt - KMADD Moda- Billy Short Sleeve Shirt- Maroon

Nose Bandaid - KMADD Kiss it Better 

Jeans - KMADD Moda- Rockabilly Jeans- Light Blue

Sneakers - KMADD Modea-  Jet Sneakers- Red

Hair -  .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ REBEL ~ Dark Brown I


Target Practice

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Jeans - !APHORISM! Men's Regular Jeans Light Blue @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Sneakers - [ Hoorenbeek ] Kursk - Grey @ Hoorenbeck (NEW)

Dartboard - Floorplan target practice dartboard @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Lights - Floorplan industrial torch @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

[ARIA] Hiver pouf (NEW)
[ARIA] Hiver pouf with a knit throw (NEW)
[ARIA] Hiver framed print (NEW)
[ARIA] Hiver bottle vase with candles (NEW)
@ The Mens Dept.

Winter Wonderland

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On Her:
Mink coat - Legal Insanity - Vale Fur Coat (NEW)

Leggings - Yasum - Steampunk Leggings @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo (NEW)

Jewellery set - [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Luxury @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo (NEW)

On Him:
Shoes - Gabriel - White Studded Wing tip high cut
Available in White Black and Leopard @ The Mens Dept. (NEW)

Necklace - Gabriel - ::GB:: Key necklace_male_Black.
 Available in Camel and Brown @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo (New)

Jacket - Gabriel - :GB::Knit jacket White 

Pants -  Gabriel - ::GB:: Plaids pants Blue

The Naughty List

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Obviously for the lack of better words, featured in this pic is the bit warmer. Available at The Mens Dept.

Bit warmer - ieQED - man.cozy.tree.
Available in 10 different designs

Farm hand

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Shirt: [Deadwool] Durden shirt - Taupe (NEW) @ The Mens Dept.

Jeans: [ hoorenbeek ] Classic Jeans - Mesh - Indigo 

Mesh avatar: RIAXIK - Roman

** RED **

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The Mens Dept.

Coat ~ ::Gabriel: Knit duffel coat / RED (NEW)

Pants ~ Gabriel Plaid Pants Red


Turn it up!

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FLite.- The Mens Dept. Collections L Black Tear (NEW)

Tank top:

Vestigium - Foo Tattoo [T] II (NEW)
Vestigium - Foo Tattoo [T] I (NEW)

Humanoid Sub Box includes Black, Purple, Yellow and white
Humanoid DownFill Box- Black, Purple, Yellow and white


at the Mens Dept

The December Mens Dept.

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Here's a sneak peak of the items, all available at The Mens Dept starting tomorrow, December 5th! 

Pose- Poseology-Evans 1(NEW)

[INK] Hair___AGAINST ::Beige (NEW)
[INK]  Hair___Hairbases  buzz-cut /Sideburn /Bold ::Beige (NEW)

::K:: Chesterfield Coat Camel Male- (NEW)

[LOVE RE ME]Boots#02 brown*check (NEW)

Skin: Clef de Peau:Ryan:T4 Base Hairy Dark (NEW)
Clef de Peau:Ryan: Dark Eyebrow Shaper (NEW)
Clef de Peau:Ryan:T4 Dark Brows (NEW)

Fashion Forward

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Pants: [CheerNo] DuncaPants_Y/B (NEW)

Shirt: [CheerNo] DuncaPants_Y/B  (NEW)

Avatar: [ RIAXIK ]  Roman (NEW)

Hair: [INK] Hair___MOAT ::Roots

Boots: [ h ] Hoorenbeck Mesh Army Boots - Gritty Sand (NEW)

Psst... wanna buy a tree?

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Jacket: [ h ] Hoorenbeck Mesh Trucker Jacket - Tan Suede (NEW)

Pants: [ h ] Hoorenbeck Classic Jeans - Mesh - Washed Blue (NEW)

Boots: [ h ] Hoorenbeck Mesh Army Boots - Gritty Sand (NEW)


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Eyewear - Yasum - Mesh *Monocle* Plain Glass (NEW)
Hat - Yasum - Mesh Steampunk Hat *Unisex* Mod A (NEW)
Gloves - Yasum - Mesh *Pagan Folk Gloves* (NEW)
Landmark to the store:

Crow - Dead Center -  Wearable Crow (NEW) 

Taken at Neva Sky Villi


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**Feel** Royal Queen Necklace Set @ The J&A Expo on December 4th