False Hope

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Humans continue to destroy the earth and mankind continuously tries to find ways to slow down the process. 
But it is inevitable. 
We continue to take from the earth and watch as the fisheries collapse, vast areas of forests are depleted, the search for fresh water supply is diminishing and carbon monoxide continues to build up. 
We live on the false hope that resources will never run out, that we can survive somehow or some way but it's not the Earth that we have to beware of, it's each other.


CMFF - ManDroid Deluxe - Customizable Mesh Avatar with HUD by Chip Midnight (NEW)

I was fortunate to have been able to review this mandroid. This is perhaps the best made mesh android I  have seen.  The detail, the HUD it comes with enable you to configure the mandroids textures and shadows. Go pick one of these up by Chip Midnight, there are endless combinations you can configure and even if you cant do that, he also has them available pre textured  as well. 

HUD - Control color and shine amount on 8 different parts. Assign your own textures to the outer shell by drag and drop on the HUD. Fully customize your look without ever needing to rez the pieces on the ground.

Modify - Mesh pieces are mod-enabled for even finer control. Use full bright, adjust texture tiling, or make it glow,

Custom Textures - Use the included UV templates, shadow maps, and normal maps to create your own custom textures. Re texture the entire avatar or just add decals. Your Droid can be as unique as you are.

Presets - Easily export your custom look to a preset. Hit the export button on the HUD, copy the resulting text to a notecard, put it in an applicator bot, and recall it any time with a single click.

Preset Applicators - Build a library of your custom looks. Trade them with other users. You can even sell them. Applying a preset is as easy as wearing the applicator and clicking it.

Landmark to the CMFF:

Landmark to the sim:

Gypsy Rose

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Outfit including the top, skirt and shoes - Gizza - Gypsy Set (NEW)

Hair - Lelutka - Vibrato

Skin - Zoul Creations - Cara: Tone 2 (NEW @ The Skin Fair)

Photo taken at Goatswood [SGS] Victorian Gothic Residential Roleplay

Whatta u lookin' at?

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Necklace - Gabriel - Key Neck Lace Male: Camel

Shirt - ::Gabriel:: - Loose shirt 2014/Light Blue (NEW)

Large Caramel Latte (Mine, made at home LOL)

Hat - XODOHTRONU - Lion Head Snapback: Royal/White Crock Gold Lion (NEW)

Boots - {theosophy} - Lewiston Boots: Tan/Sea (NEW)
These boots are great, 100 percent original mesh, and are available in 6 different color combinations.   

Avatar - [CheerNo] - EROS Mesh Avatar

Pose - Unorthodox Poses - Fashion Killa (NEW)

Location - Hesperia of Templemore 

Fight or Flight

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Hat - Legal Insanity - Jones cowboy hat skulls guys ed.

Eyes - IKON - Destiny Eyes - Cerulean 

Pose - F*CKING NINJAS - *Stick 'em Up* 
Gun included.

Mustache - Aeros - *Shaggy Stache*  :: *white ash* 

Skin - Aeros - Avatar Maxwell Skin :: Irish Creme (NEW)

Jacket - Legal Insanity - Puffer jackets camo

Gloves - TonkTastic - Protection Gloves 

Pants - Legal Insanity - Marcel baggy jeans camo black (NEW)

Boots - [ hoorenbeek ] - Patagonia: Wheat

Taken at Hazardous 

The Deal

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On Jin

Hair - Action - Shaun 

Earrings - FAUN- Diamonds Are Forever

Top - {EPIC} - Casual Blazer - Coal

Bottoms - Kauna - Houndstooth Black Trousers

Shoes - Hoorenbeek Devon Shoes - Black

On Roman 

Hair - Aeros Hair - Teghran (NEW)

Suit - Kauna - Blazer: Plaid Black 

Briefcase - PILOT - Serious Business Radioactive (NEW) 
Available in male and female sizes, and in 12 designs

Shoes - Lapointe & Bastchild - Dress Shoe Wing Tip (NEW)
Comes with texture change HUD for shoes and socks

Exotic Car - HaruMotors - Lamborghin Mesh
This car is only 36 prims, extremely detailed and even includes posing animations.  It even comes with its on gas station so you don't have to push it too much (yes it really runs out of gas and yes you push it) but once you refuel your back to 0-60 in 2.8 seconds.


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On Him: 

Jacket-[M] Motivaction - Men's Hooded Coat (NEW)

Pants - <kal rau> Casual Chino_Khaki

Suspenders - <kal rau> Chino Suspender 

Hair - Aeros Hair Teghran (NEW)


Skin - Aeros Avatar Teghran  (NEW)

Eyes - IKON Destiny Eyes - Cerulean 

On Her:

Hair - Truth - Gaia

Heels - Redgrave - Helena

Jacket - Gizza - Dropped Collar Jacket 

Waist Pouch - Zenith - Choco Leather Waist Bag (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - Glace Pearls - Everyday Cuffed Mesh Jeans

Pose - Infiniti - Puzzled 

Shut Eye

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Mustache - UNORTHODOX by CashMoney - Crazyboi) Siete Stashe (NEW)

Goatee - UNORTHODOX by CashMoney Crazyboi) - Siete T GoateeNEW)

Hair - Aeros by Pi Rain - Hair Teghran - Naturals (NEW AT THE SKIN FAIR and IN STORE)

Pants - AMERIE by Amerie Spitteler - Mesh skinny Black (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers - FLite. by LiamCole Resident - Clearports (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shirt - {Howl} by Worusaai Resident - Military Pocket Shirt w/o [beige] (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Skin - Riaxik by Brox Riaxik - LEGACY : T3 : Aged : Toned

Eyes - IKON by Destiny Eyes - Cerulean

Pose - oOo Studio by  Olaenka Chesnokov - Radiant (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Motorcycle - Sau - Abyss 2014 MODEL

50% off for a limited time! 
Only 13 Prims and 100% Mesh!

Take a breath of freedom 

With 7 years of 3D modeling experience, this superbike was made to be the best one you have ever seen in Second Life. 
The [sau] Guarantee: No ripped model and other internet model used.You get 100% legal,original stuff!
Abyss is a 2 seated chopper with a lots of features, texture sets,sound sets, and good controlling and low lag. 
Abyss used parts of my new paint system for its main paint.Now paint jobs became more interesting: get the paint can, rezz your bike and wear the paint can, you'll be able to change paint jobs from the paint can. 
Comes with Garage kit(Hamster energy vending machine ,bike cover, bike lift, tent,coffee mug,bike stand, billboard etc)


Open Water

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Skin - Aeros Avatar Teghran ( NEW AT THE SKIN FAIR)

Hair - Aeros Hair Teghran  (NEW AT THE SKIN FAIR)

Swimming trunks - Flow - Asto Remy Swimming Trunks 70's  

Eyes - KMADD Mesh Eyes Promise 


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Tuxedo is Kauna by Ross Myhre
Tuxedo Jacket: Silver
BowTie: Black 
Handkerchief: White 
Tuxedo Shirt UNDER: White 
Trousers Black

Landmark to Kauna: 

Mask is Luchador By Rachel Breaker 
ZIPPur with texture change HUD 
(New @ The Mens Dept)

Landmark to The Mens Dept:

Pose - Cocky by Stakey

Landmark to Stakey:

One by Metallica

Most Wanted

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 [SURPLUS MOTORS]  427 Shelby Cobra (Coming soon)

It's as close to the real thing that you can get without paying close to 100K.

Police Car - [SURPLUS MOTORS] - Enforcer

Including actual dispatch sounds on the patrol car.

Sound bites are from the actual cars. 

The highly detailed custom texturing allows for these gems to stand out from the rest.

They are not available to the public just yet, so keep a watchful eye out for them!

Surplus Motors

The Great Room

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Couch - Apple Fall - AF Eaton Couch Corner in pearl (NEW @ Collabor88 March)

Pillows - Apple Fall - AF Ikat Throw Cushion (Architecture) (Available @ The Arcade March)

Bookcase - Apple Fall - AF Kensington Bookcase (NEW @ The Collabor88 March)

Portrait - Apple Fall - AF Love Farrah (NEW @ Collabor88 March)

Planter - Apple Fall - AF Interior Plant (NEW @ Collabor88 March)

Computer & Media set - Apple Fall -  AF iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition

Chair - Apple Fall - AF Slipcover Chair (White) (Available @ The Arcade March)

Rug - Apple Fall - AF Jute Natural Rug (Available @ The Arcade March)

Table - Apple Fall - AF Empire Coffee Table (NEW @ Collabor88 March)

Window Seat - Apple Fall - AF Neoclassical Seat (Antique)

House - Domineaux Effect - The Oakwood Manor


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"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" - Coco Chanel

The Great Oz

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Jacket - Gabriel::GB::Vintage denim jacket / Black (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hat - Eudora 3D Steampunk Hat Black (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)



Boots - JD - Pirate Cut Boots (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Eyes - KMADD Mesh Eyes Promise

Skin - Aeros Avatar Teghran ( NEW AT THE SKIN FAIR)

Home decor at The Mens Dept.

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Chair - MudHOney Benson Chair

Mirror - MudHoney - Benson Mirrors

Desk - *Ionic* - Kool Thing (table desk)

Wall Decor - *Ionic* - Kool THing (wall frames)

Cactus - MudHoney - Cactus Plant

Cabinet - TH'S: The Bogart Collection - Record Cabinet - Collection 1

All items available at The Mens Dept



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Beard - Unorthodox - Arab Beard with stash -  (NEW)

Hair - Aeros - Teghran (NEW @ THE SKIN FAIR)

Pants - AMERIE- Mesh skinny (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Jacket - Etham - Edward Jacket - Black (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers - FLite. - Clearports (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Eyes - KMADD - Mesh Eyes Promise

Skin - Aeros - Avatar Teghran:: Model (NEW @ THE SKIN FAIR)

Coming soon to the Skin Fair 2014

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Cara by Zoul Creations

Zoul Creations - Cara - Tone 3 - Dark brows CL

Zoul Creations - Cara - Tone 3 - Eyeshadow 01

Zoul Creations - Cara - Tone 3 - Lips 10

Hair - Magika [01] Road 

Sneak Peak from the Skin Fair 2014

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Avatar - Aeros - Maxwell 

The skin is made by Aeros called Maxwell that comes with many different interchangeable features such as the beard, hair base, body hair, eyebrows, facial hair and more.

In addition, the shape is modifiable so you can make it your own.

Aeros Avatar Maxwell - Skin :: Irish Creme :: Body hair
       Aeros Avatar Maxwell Hairbase :: Winter Monk <<
       Aeros Avatar Maxwell Beard :: White Goat <<

The Skin Fair 2014 is presented by
Pale Girl Productions & The Mesh Project
Coming soon!


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Skin - Belleza- Dylan 

Shorts - [Motivaction] Summer Shorts Comes with texture change HUD

Hair - Action Darmody Veganic 

Sandals - [C] Less Than0 sandal- mint (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Chair - Trompe Loeil - Adirondack Chair 

New release by Kal Rau

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New Release by Kal Rau


Casual Jeans M4

Use with or without Boxer 
6 Boxer options 
3 Belt Colors

3 Sizes 
Belt and Boxer customizable by HUD

100% Mesh

Balancing Act

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Sweater - Orion - Grunge Sweater - Red (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Avatar - :. RIAXIK .:.   Roman  [ Modifiable ]  

Eyes - KMADD - Mesh Eyes Promise

Pants - Not So Bad - JAMES pants (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Hat - [ dynasty ] - 5 Panel Cap - Steel (NEW)

Boots - [Deadwool] - Trauermarsch Boots - (black) 


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Avatar - [CheerNo] EROS 1.0_MeshAV

Shirt - / XIAJ / 08 Hoodie (camo) (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Eyes - KMADD Mesh Eyes Promise

Shoes - [ D I R V A L ] Sneakers_SHARK 

Hat - [ dynasty ] - 5 Panel Cap - Sepia

Shorts - ~[Motivaction] Male Cargo 

Skin - [CheerNo] EROS

Special Appearance by Luunah Godde

30 Seconds to Mars

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Avatar - .: Riaxik LEGACY : T2 : Young : Toned : [Gold Brow]

Hair - MOON- Little Wonder Deep Ombre - Summer (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Vest - ISON MAN - leather biker vest w/texture change shirt - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sash - RO - Paragon Sash - Burning Red - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - JC_OMG_Jeans w/ texture change HUD (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shoes - Gabriel::GB::Studs Flat shoes leopard (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

I'm on my way

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Glasses - * S O R G O - AKIRA / Leak (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Avatar - .:. RIAXIK .:.   Roman  [ Modifiable ] 

Jacket - ::K:: Tailored Jacket Linen (New @ THE MENS DEPT)

Tank - ::K:: Tailored Jacket with T Linen included with jacket.
Comes with 12 color texture change HUD (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - Action Darmody Veganic HAIR 

Eyes - KMADD Mesh Eyes Promise

Hale Nalu by LunaBlue

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The SL Registry is proud to present LunaBlue.  It's their first mesh home named Hale Nalu or Wave and its gorgeous.  

This home offers a very unique design that would be suitable for the beach or any wooded area. 

Hale Nalu or "Wave House" is copy/mod and features high detail with baked shadows.

The home rezzes at 76 land impact/prims at the default size 33M Long, 20M Wide and 13M tall and does not need a Rezzer.
Various decor by Apple Fall & Aria

California Dreamin

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On Him: 

Hair - Action Sam Veganic  (NEW)

Eyes - KMADD Mesh Eyes Promise

Sneakers - [ D I R V A L ] Sneakers_SHARK (NEW)

Jacket - [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Sport Jacket  
Comes with Texture change HUD and open, zipped and unzipped. (NEW)

Pants - Gabriel::GB:: - Chino pants Dark Blue 

Skin - Belleza- Dylan 

On Her:

Skin - Belleza - Mimi (NEW @ The Arcade)

Makeup - Belleza - Mimi makeup 2 RARE (NEW @ The Arcade)

Hair - Truth Hair - Maiko  [Light blonde 2/Gold Leopard] RARE (NEW @ The Arcade)

Bikini - Revolt - [R3] - Dani Suit  [V3]
Comes with a texture change HUD.

Roller Skates - The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates