False Hope

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Humans continue to destroy the earth and mankind continuously tries to find ways to slow down the process. 
But it is inevitable. 
We continue to take from the earth and watch as the fisheries collapse, vast areas of forests are depleted, the search for fresh water supply is diminishing and carbon monoxide continues to build up. 
We live on the false hope that resources will never run out, that we can survive somehow or some way but it's not the Earth that we have to beware of, it's each other.


CMFF - ManDroid Deluxe - Customizable Mesh Avatar with HUD by Chip Midnight (NEW)

I was fortunate to have been able to review this mandroid. This is perhaps the best made mesh android I  have seen.  The detail, the HUD it comes with enable you to configure the mandroids textures and shadows. Go pick one of these up by Chip Midnight, there are endless combinations you can configure and even if you cant do that, he also has them available pre textured  as well. 

HUD - Control color and shine amount on 8 different parts. Assign your own textures to the outer shell by drag and drop on the HUD. Fully customize your look without ever needing to rez the pieces on the ground.

Modify - Mesh pieces are mod-enabled for even finer control. Use full bright, adjust texture tiling, or make it glow,

Custom Textures - Use the included UV templates, shadow maps, and normal maps to create your own custom textures. Re texture the entire avatar or just add decals. Your Droid can be as unique as you are.

Presets - Easily export your custom look to a preset. Hit the export button on the HUD, copy the resulting text to a notecard, put it in an applicator bot, and recall it any time with a single click.

Preset Applicators - Build a library of your custom looks. Trade them with other users. You can even sell them. Applying a preset is as easy as wearing the applicator and clicking it.

Landmark to the CMFF:

Landmark to the sim:

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