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Mustache - UNORTHODOX by CashMoney - Crazyboi) Siete Stashe (NEW)

Goatee - UNORTHODOX by CashMoney Crazyboi) - Siete T GoateeNEW)

Hair - Aeros by Pi Rain - Hair Teghran - Naturals (NEW AT THE SKIN FAIR and IN STORE)

Pants - AMERIE by Amerie Spitteler - Mesh skinny Black (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers - FLite. by LiamCole Resident - Clearports (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shirt - {Howl} by Worusaai Resident - Military Pocket Shirt w/o [beige] (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Skin - Riaxik by Brox Riaxik - LEGACY : T3 : Aged : Toned

Eyes - IKON by Destiny Eyes - Cerulean

Pose - oOo Studio by  Olaenka Chesnokov - Radiant (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Motorcycle - Sau - Abyss 2014 MODEL

50% off for a limited time! 
Only 13 Prims and 100% Mesh!

Take a breath of freedom 

With 7 years of 3D modeling experience, this superbike was made to be the best one you have ever seen in Second Life. 
The [sau] Guarantee: No ripped model and other internet model used.You get 100% legal,original stuff!
Abyss is a 2 seated chopper with a lots of features, texture sets,sound sets, and good controlling and low lag. 
Abyss used parts of my new paint system for its main paint.Now paint jobs became more interesting: get the paint can, rezz your bike and wear the paint can, you'll be able to change paint jobs from the paint can. 
Comes with Garage kit(Hamster energy vending machine ,bike cover, bike lift, tent,coffee mug,bike stand, billboard etc)


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