The Skybox

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NEW is The Nicholaston Skybox by{Theosophy} is now out at the main store as a new release. It's a really gorgeous build that is extremely versatile.  
You can change the accent wall, the ceilings, the front door and the brick color via HUD! 

You can pick it up here:


Desk - (epia) - Executive's Desk Available in adult and PG versions (NEW)

Chairs - Apple Fall Milan Lounge (Antique Leather)

Plane - Apple Fall Model Plane 

Bookcase - Apple Fall Kensington Bookcase 

Coat - Apple Fall Old Coat

End table - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wine Rack End Table (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Couch - junk. telephone box couch. red. (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Sloppy Hemp Rug (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

DJ Booth - HIDEKI - Retro DJ Booth (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Lamp - Decadence Lamp by Abiss

Kitchen - Trompe Loeil - Retro Kitchen Midnight PG

Bed - [ARIA] skyler bed -PG- (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Signs - junk. street sign. love lane. white. leaning.
Signs - junk. street sign. electric ave. black. leaning.

Cabinet - Apple Fall - His Cabinet

Weight Bench - Pilot & Exposeur - Weight Bench

Right Near Da Beach Mon

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Hair - Unorthodox-Unorthodox Curls down  (NEW)
Tattoo - AITUI - Tattoo - Forthcoming (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)
Necklace - ::Gabriel:: - Key necklace
Shorts - ::K:: Cargo Shorts - Navy Male (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)


Skin - Aeros Avatar Magua 
Location ~Santaurio~

New from Kauna

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Beanie - (AMD) Beanies - Stripes 

Kauna - Tuxedo Jacket: Striped Cream (NEW)

Kauna - XIV Handkerchief: Dark Brown (NEW)

Kauna - XIV Trousers: Chocolate ((NEW)
Skin - Aeros Avatar Teghran 


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Jacket - Kauna - Tuxedo Jacket: Plaid Pink (NEW)

Handkerchief - Kauna - XIV Handkerchief: Black (NEW)
Shirt - Kauna - XIV Shirt : Striped White (NEW)
Boots - [Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots 

Shorts - Motivaction Male Cargo 

No, means no!

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On Him:

Vest & Shirt - !APHORISM! - Waistcoat & undershirt - Houndstooth Brown (New at the Mens Dept)

Pants - :.Villena.: - Chinos in Camel (New at the Mens Dept)

Shoes - Flat Shoes in Bone white (New at the Mens Dept)

Hair - [INK] Moat - Brown

Skin - Aeros Avatar - Teghran

On Her:

Hair - Damselfly Hair Salon - Merika - Light Brown

Dress - Legal Insanity - Flora Dress Orange.
Come with earrings and clutch.

Heels - Similar Italian Footwear - Venezia in Blue

Animations by Vista Animations - Couples Hud.

Photo taken at Neva Sky Villi


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On Her:

Skin - Zoul Creations - Robyn

Hair - Lelutka - Vibrato

Tattoo - Hiatus - The Element

Bikini Top - Drift - Tini Kini Wildlife Collection

Shorts - Faboo - Low Rider Shorts - Girly2

On Him:

Tattoo - Reckless - mI vIda Loca (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - K.MADesigns Hair - REBEL -  Dark Brown VIII

Shorts - FABOO - Low Rider Shorts Trio Shorts (NEW)

Skin - Aeros Avatar - Teghran

Location The Grove

Yacht - P&W - BBX YACHTS - Flybridge  Mesh (NEW)
 This is a  brand new and unique release it is 100 MESH, DRIVABLE, CRUISE MODE, LUXURY PERFECT CROSS SIM
*Changeable front writing and flag
*Interior Pictures can be changed
*Prim count  reduced to 337
*Music can be added to the music system.
*Space for 28 passengers
*300 animations - Some dances included to celebrate on your yacht


**rich equipped version

**Free updates

**Extreme realistic vehicle, 100 % mesh

**Exclusive Texture and Shadows

**Low prim - high quality

**Low lag

*Changeable front writing and flag

*Interior Pictures can be changed

*Prim count  reduced to 337

*Music can be added to the music system. (400 L charged for each song-Please contact   Beyaz Boxen for uploading)

*Space for 28 passengers

*300 animations - Some dances included to celebrate on your yacht

And so much more..

Check it out today


Face Off

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[ContraptioN] Undercity Scavenger (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


New from Kauna

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Shoes - Gabriel: Flat shoes_bone  white (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - Action - Darmody Veganic 

New Mix & Match Suit Pieces from Kauna
Kauna - Tuxedo Jacket: Plaid Grass 
Kauna - XIV Handkerchief: Pink 
Kauna - XIV Shirt [OPEN] Floral
Kauna - XIV Trousers  Plaid Grass 

Skin -  Aeros Avatar Teghran (NEW)

Taken at Small Town Green

Just The Two of Us

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On Her:

Skin - Zoul Creations - Cara - Tone 1
Comes with different eye shadows and lipsticks.

Hair - Damselfly Hair Salon - Billie Mesh (NEW)

Jacket - [R3] Revolt - Amerie Jacket with Tank (NEW)
Comes with a HUD.

Shoes - Eudora 3D - Oxford Low Tops (NEW)

Photo taken at Neva Sky Villi

On Him: 

Avatar - RIAXIK - Mesh Roman

Shoes - Gabriel Flat shoes anti cross (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - GizzA - Classic Jean (NEW)

Jacket - GizzA - Denim Jacket/Shirt (NEW)

Hair - TRUTH HAIR Jon (Featured)

Glasses - {theosophy} - Monmouth Glasses (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Coming soon to Riaxik

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Coming soon...stay tuned

Santaurio, the Lost Island

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Jac Mornington has opened a new sim called Santaurio.  
For those of you who have been under a rock, Jac and Romy are the owners of  Salt Water.  He has since then changed hands with Salt Water and has created a new amazing sim called Santaurio, The Lost Island. There are some surprises that jump right out in front of you and some well... you will have to see.    
The sim will be open to the public for a few days and then will be a members only.   So set foot on the shores of Santaurio, explore the jungle, find the secrets, feel the relaxed environment of the beach and have fun in the sandpit. 


Boot Camp

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Pants - Gabriel - Chino pants Khaki

Avatar - [CheerNo] - Eros_Mesh
Bag - [Deadwool] - Janus duffle bag - Olive (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)
Shirt - Sheep Door - Military Shirts (Mesh) (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Boots - {theosophy} - Lewiston Boots (Moss/Desert) (NEW)

Location- DERAILED

New Release from the Domineaux Effect

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New from The Domineaux Effect is the Victorian Walled Garden Kit. Comes with lots of parts to make some interesting walkway designs. Land impact ranges from 1 - 3 per part. See product photos for more details on land impact. Textures look very realistic under higher graphics settings thanks to the custom normal maps. 

Take a look inworld and see for yourself how nice this is

The Victorian Walled Garden kit includes:

- 4 straight pieces in different lengths 
- 45 degree corner 
- sharp 90 degree corner 
- 3 way intersection 
- 4 way intersection 
- various sloped pieces 
- some commonly used arrangements pre-assembled to save you time. 
- red, grey, and white brick

New from Kal Rau

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New release Kal Rau - Casual Shirts 

6 Colors 
Customizable Collar,Cuffs, button and Tie by HUD 
2 Sizes 
13 Tie textures 
14 Cuffs and Collar textures 
6 Button textures

Home Sweet Home

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Officer Uniform - (Epia) - American Officer Formal - GREENPACK

Bag - (epia) - Dufflebag
Hat - (epia) - Modern Officer Cap  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Boots - {theosophy} - Lewiston Boots (Coal/Coal) (NEW)

Skin - Aeros Avatar Teghran

Custom Pose made by -  Little Moments Poses
Special Appearance by  Little Moments Poses Owner pαιѕℓєу נιℓℓιαη qυιηη-cαяℓуѕє 

While the cats away

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Shirt - ISON MAN - short sleeve sweatshirt (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

ISON - canvas bucket bag (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Pants - ISON MAN - stretch trousers ( NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Boots - {theosophy} - Lewiston Boots (Tan/Sea) (NEW)

Skin - Aeros Avatar - Teghran (NEW)

Home decor

Couch - The Loft - Umberto Knole Sofa Cafe (NEW)

Beer - {theosophy} - Beer Bottle (Keaton) 

Decoration - The Loft - Strapped Sphere 
Weapon - * S O R G O - Silent 11.43 RARE
Ashtray - [NikotiN] - Ultimate_Ashtray (V.5)
Statue - {theosophy} Dinmael Bust (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Drapes - The Loft - Bennet Drapes Mirrored White (NEW)

End Table - The Loft - Bennet End Table Cream

Lamp - The Loft - Bennet Lamp Cream


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Dress - Vero Modero - Azra (NEW)
Comes with sunglasses and bamboo purse.

Skin - Belleza - Ria - Tan (NEW)

Heels - Redgrave - Helen 

Hair - D!va - Judy 


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On Her:

Hair - Damselfly - Willow (NEW)
Comes with a HUD

Jacket - [R3] Revolt - Meiko Jacket [V3] (NEW @ The 100 Block) Opens tomorrow!
Comes with a HUD.

Pants - Spirit Store - Cool Rigged Mesh Pants - Black

Shoes - Eudora 3D - Oxford Low Tops (NEW)
Comes with a HUD.

Skin - Belleza - Ria - Tan (NEW)
On Him:

Avatar - .:. RIAXIK .:.  - ROMAN Mesh

Shoes - *KEANE* - Launder Loafers (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - Damselfly - Paki - Non-Rigged Mesh (NEW)

Shirt - Button Down in Vintage - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants -:Villena:. - Chinos - Creme (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Glasses -{Theosophy} - Monmouth Glasses - Bronze (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Location - Hesperia of Templemore 


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Hair -  Aeros Hair - Teghran - Naturals

Shoes - [C] - LessThan0 Sandal - Ash 

Pants - [Sheep Door] - Half Jeans Mesh

Belt - [Sheep Door] Half Jeans Belt Mesh 

 Skin - Aeros Avatar - Teghran 

Anytime, any place

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On Roman

Tattoo - [Sleepy Bozer]  Alex Browski Tattoo (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Skin - Aeros Avatar Teghran (NEW)

On Belle

Necklace - Ison - Nova Tribe Necklace 

Skin - Belleza - Ria Tan Fatpack - (NEW)
Nails - Nailed it 

Hair - D!va Hair - Judy (Type A) Brown Diamond

Eyes - Ikon - Promise Eyes 

Heels - Tara Shoes - Era High Heels Black

Pose - nDisPose - Spent (Sneak Peak)

Anytime, any place by Janet Jackson

The Mens Dept is Open!!! The Mens Dept is Open!!!!!!!

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Hair - Unorthodox- Fli Guy Mohawk with beard (NEW)

Sneakers - JD - Sydney Left Male Silver (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - Not so Bad - WESLEY Jeans (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hoodie - Razor - Dozer Hoodie - Dino  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Skin - Aeros - Avatar Magua

Pose - oOo Studio (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Taken at Dead End City

New from Hoorenbeck

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Sneakers - FLite.- Clearports - Viper

Wedding Suit - Hoorenbeck - Mesh Classic Tailcoat (NEW) 
Includes Mesh Walking Cane, Top Hat, Tailcoat, pants, and rose.  
There are 4 different styles to choose from.

Mr. Hollywood

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Skin - Clef de Peau:Jonathan:(NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shirt -*Shai* Men's Dirty Plaid Shirt - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sunglasses -RO - California - Sequoia ( NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


Cigarette -[NikotiN] Cigarette_ Premium

I'm Batman

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Avatar - Aeros Teghan (NEW)

Shirt - ::GB:: Gabriel - Loose shirt & Tie / Black

Really Cute Puppy -.Birdy. - Bat Dog {with cap} 
Comes with a mask for Batman too (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT FOR APRIL)


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Jeans - Kal Rau - Casual Jeans M4_Ripped with boxer (NEW)

Shirt - Legal Insanity - Dean T-shirt Pandalized (NEW @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair) 
This event runs from March 29 - April 11

Cigarette - [NikotiN] Cigarette_ Premium    

Skin - Aeros - Teghan

Pose - {NanTra} - Rebel