Want some candy little girl?

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On Her: 

Dress - Gizza - Cookie Dress in blossom

Heels - Eudora 3D - Kaede Wedges
Comes with a HUD to change parts of the shoe and socks too!

Necklace - Ison - Nova Tribe Necklace

Skin - Zoul Creations - Cara

Bracelettes - Eudora - Runes of the North Bracelette

Hair - Truth Hair - Ainsley

On Him: 

Howl - Ray Casual Shorts (Gray) (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

JD - Moroccan Male Silver (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT)

Skin - Aeros Avatar Maxwell < < Skin 

Car - [SURPLUS MOTORS] Cuda Green Poison
This car is Modeled after one of the most desirable muscle cars ever build, the 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda.

It is a high quality mesh car, made to give you the optimal viewing and driving experience.
The interior has been enhanced with custom texturing.
When buying a car, always go look in world and look at the details!! Don't believe the overly photo shopped pictures and go for the genuine thing!!
Surplus Motors  use the latest and best in sl scripts and will continue to keep it updated. Features on your Cuda include:

-Smoother driving 
-Exhaust smoke 
-Adjustable seating 
-Automatic/Manual Transmission 
-Working lights 
-Opening doors/trunk/hood 
....And more features to boot!

The car is mostly menu-driven. However, the car is easier to use with the included HUD. Certain features like Position aren't HUD-driven. In order to operate it, you must be seated in the car.

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