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Skybox - The Domineaux Effect ~ Industrial Loft Skybox 

The TDE Industrial loft apartment. Stepping off the elevator into this renovated industrial space you will find yourself in the kitchen area, looking towards the roof you will notice the iron pipe lamp with classic edison bulbs fixed to the exposed electrical junctions and steel i-beams. Flooring throughout is done in a rich, polished hardwood providing a nice contrast to the time worn brick walls and old steel features. Moving on to the main area you will find 3 archtop windows stretching two stories high. Up above you will see exposed steel joists and ductwork as well as 6 industrial styled pendant lamps. The floating stairway is done in a light birch wood that contrasts nicely with the darker flooring. In sticking with the industrial theme the handrail and loft railing have all been fabricated from old iron pipes that wind up the large brick column and around to create a railing on the edge of the loft where you have a great view of the main area below. Lighting in the loft area is provided by two vintage style industrial lamps.

Package includes 3 variations of the skybox. Two fully featured versions with and without decorative elevator as well as a more minimal version without lights and pipes. Windows can be tinted open on the outside if you want to allow SL shadows to interact with the window frames for nice shadows on the floor / walls etc. Lights in each room can be controlled per room or simultaneously.

Footprint and LI as follows: V1 and V3 (no elevator) Have a footprint of 12 x 23.6 meters. 
V2 (with elevator) is slightly larger at 16.2 x 23.6 meters 


Living Room:

Sofa  =EliBaily= Chester Leather Sofa beige (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Table- =EliBaily= Nar Coffee Table Black (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Headphones- [VALE KOER] HEADPHONES With color change HUD (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT

Drafting Table- [ARIA] Parma drafting table SET (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Wall Decor and Console- Soy. walldecor & console set (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Round Ottomans- Zigana . leather pouffe . chestnut (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Setee Stockholm&Lima: The Spellbound Settee (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Fortune Teller- {theosophy} Zultor The Fortune Teller- Arcade Sept 2014

 Tartessos Arts This is a brand new release Modern detailed kitchen 100% mesh with texture menu. Cooking anims and complete intimate menu for romantic moments included.  Items included are listed below:

TA Chef Upper Module: 
TA Chef Lower Module: 
TA Chef Center Module:  
TA Chef Stool:  
TA Industrial Lamp:  
TA Chef Shelves: 
TA Chef Side Table: 
TA Chef Wall Clock:  Tells accurate time
TA Chef Fridge:  
TA Fire Extinguisher:
TA Chef Juice Set: 
TA Grocery Bag: 
TA Coffee Grinder:
TA Coffee Sack: 
TA Rolling Dough:  
TA Chef Salt and Pepper:  
TA Chef Toaster: It actually pops the toast out!
TA Nickspresso Machine: It gives you coffee

::Tartessos Arts::

Kitchen Table- The Loft - Newcombe Dining Table Natural (NEW)

Motorcycle in elevator: [sau]HAYA II[4.65] (NEW)

Bed- Aria- Adelaide Bed

Flower- Apple Fall White Iris (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Wall Print- Apple Fall Tribal Print I (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Lamp- Apple Fall Glass Bubble Lamp (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Apple Fall Recycled Wood Parquet (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Light- Apple Fall Strung Branch Pendant Light (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Chairs- Apple Fall Dapper Chair w/ Deco (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Rug- AF Tribal Print Rug- (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Screen- Tartesso Arts Lotus Screen

Table- Tartesso Arts Lotus Table

Buddha- Tartesso Arts Lotus Buddha

Plant- Tartesso Arts-  Dracaena Plant

Wall Art- Apple Fall Tribal Print II (NEW Collabor88 September '14)

Items can be found at: 

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