Freak Show

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Lots of great events going on this month as well as some awesome new releases. 
One is  Cirque de Seraphim, a circus-themed sales event featuring the best creators in Second Life with original designs to benefit ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Cirque de Seraphim opens November 6, 2014.

The next event is The Mens Dept which runs monthly. Its monthly sales event that features original content from the best creators on Second Life. 
All items priced between 100-300L. So its easy on your pocket and you still get great stuff.
Featured is [R3volt] - Steampunk Armour made in a  male and female version.
 The hair  is Dura boy 54  rigged mesh hair and is copy and mod (only the color edit) and it includes the hair base and HUD

Next is the Fantasy Gacha Carnival event, which opens the 4th this month.  Epia just released the Berserker Armor Pieces available in Gacha.  There is the belt (RARE), hammer, mask, and the left and right pauldron both available in gold and silver.

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