How to Choose your New Best Friend

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Dog-  Ultrateque Buster (NEW)
Who doesnt want a puppy for Christmas! This is an awesome new release   He is ready to use straight from your Inv. No need to change a thing.  Simply Wear/Add from your inv and it will attach to your avatar.  He will now wander around with you, walking when you do and moving his head to bark when you type.  You can even resize him.  Heres some info.

Fully menu driven, no config files to edit.
Animated Mesh Object.
He barks when you type.
He walks when you do.
He stands wagging his tail and moving his mouth
He sits moving his tail and looks up, moving his head.
You can make him chat/repeat anything you type.
Pandorabot chat bot system. (ask him anything you wish)
Use your own pandorabot adding your very own questions/replies.
Turn On/Off chatbot
Give him a new name (EXCEPT PRINGLES THATS MY DOG!)

Pants- <kal rau> Casual Chino Khaki

Jacket-  ColdAsh- CHILTON Leather Jacket (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shoes- [Deadwool] Dippold 

Skin- Hermony- Symon (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Location of Photo; DERAILED

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