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 Tartessos Arts just released a new bedroom set named Code..It included a desk set with it.  The modern bed features a change texture for the pillows, blanket and mattress. The bed is available with amazing animations and are  categorized: intimate, massage, cuddles, dances, fetish, lesbian, foreplay. etc.  

The Code bedroom set includes the following:
TA Code Bed:  
TA Code Lamp: 
TA Happy Wall Art:  
TA Girl's Essentials: 
TA Code Leafy Plant:
TA Code Rug Beige: 
TA Code Leather Armchair: (not shown) 
TA Code Locker: 
TA Code Desk Lamp: 
TA Adventure Map: 
TA Code Corkboard: (insert your own photos) 
TA Code Orchid:
TA Code Desk
TA Code Chair

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