The Hoorenbeek Suit Redefined

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Presenting our exhaustive guide to that wardrobe cornerstone, the redesigned Hoorenbeek suit.  Its the style you need, the fit you want, and we offer how to put it together with aplomb.  We have been approached and asked what makes the perfect suit, how can we improve our suits, So after trying on their previous suits, and writing a long list and critiquing from top to bottom , offering suggestion and what the latest trends are. the re-designed Hoorenbeek suit was born. 
Every suit includes:
Open and closed jacket
2 versions of jacket sleeves
Open and closed shirt
Fitted pants
2 vest styles
2 tie styles
20 shirt colors
20 tie colors
20 pocket square colors
3 tie clip colors
2 belt styles
3 belt leather colors
3 belt buckle colors
The Suit is available in 13 different colors with more to be released soon. SO keep your eye on on our site.
Here is your Cheat Sheet on how to wear a suit.

A suits gotta fit right or it isn't worth wearing.

You'll never go wrong wearing a two-button suit with a fairly narrow lapel.  Its classic and completely modern.

Show some cuff, its the mark of a well dressed man.

Dress with the season-cotton suits in the summer and tweed, flannel and corduroys in winter.
If your going to wear a patterned suit-keep the patterns subtle.  You want a smart suit, not a clown one. 
This time of year its OK to swap out your sturdy wingtips for a pair of sneakers. Its the easiest way to add some casualness to the most formal rigs. Of course choosing the right sneaker to put with that sharp suit is whats key to nailing the look. I like to think of KISS when it comes to choosing a sneaker to wear with my suits.. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Head out to Hoorenbeek for the most complete suit on the grid. 

Special guest appearance by the one and only Skippy Beresford.

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