Suits and Ties

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To look successful in SL  you need a big…stripe. 
Button up with one of Hoorenbeeks new bolder striped shirts and ties out there and you'll be ready to do more than stand around looking pretty.   Meet  the ballsier striped shirt, in colors like indigo, red, and green. Wear one with any new Hoorenbeek suit, anytime.

The add on HUD for the striped shirts features 20 different striped shirt styles  and a custom color picker to match perfectly for those trendy monotone looks we love.  It even includes a no tie option.

The add on Hud for the striped ties also comes with 20 different striped tie styles a custom color picker and a tie clip option. 

Hoorenbeek has really redefined the suit now its time to redefine yourself. 

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