Don't Sweat It

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Wearing sweatpants in public says "I give up" and back in the day that was totally true.  When they came in a single fit with a dump butt in boring gray. Now for us guys in the know there has been a new breed of trending sweats to wear in public.  The new slimmer. still cozy sweatpants in every color and print are  available.  Throw them on with everything from a overcoat to yes even your favorite hoodie and still enjoy the comfort of your favorite sweats without looking like a man who has given up getting dressed. Just don't wear socks and sandals, we can't help you then.

Hair - Damselfly - Cameron (NEW AT N21 from January 21 - February 12)

Skin-  Mr.Bloch - Joshua - TheMeshProject Applier (NEW)

Sweatpants- Legal Insanity -  skinny sweats tartan (NEW)

Coat- Howl - Alfen Duffel Coat (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers- Milk Motion - tennis sneakers (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT

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