Wake up your bedroom

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Guys, when did our bedrooms become the sad, second-class citizens of our gorgeous mesh homes? The living room gets the design love, and the outside gets all the latest mesh trees you can find. Meanwhile, your bedroom is all bare essentials and a boring feel.
Why cant we decorate it like we would dream of in real life. We know what you're thinking: Why go crazy if you're just going look at it.
Here's why, and it has nothing to do with impressing women (okay, maybe a little): If you make your bedroom into more than just a room with a bed, it becomes a sanctuary—the place where you go to find a moment's peace, whether that's from a shitty day at work or the you want to impress your friends with your amazing new decor.  In other words: Give your bedroom a little love and you'll get it all back. 
 Aria has come out with a gorgeous new bed at The Mens Dept called Aidan. The Aidan bedroom mini set includes a bed (available in PG or adult), a side table and a table light. The bed has single and couples animations some of which have rezzable/ auto-attach props. There are 3 texture presets for all the bed parts and individual parts are changeable too.  The table light comes with 3 metal accent options and 3 lampshade fabric choices. The side table comes only in a glass texture.
Bueno/Rasp  just released the Eclipse Chill Collection which is available at The Seasons Story.  The deco will look beautiful in either your bedroom or even your living room.  

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