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The SL Registry is proud to showcase Speakeasy Tattoos as our latest and greatest tattoos in Second Life.  They are realistic and stylishly done, with the proper fading and also provide the TMP appliers. The newest release Illuminate is featured above.

Next is the newest preview of Unorthodox Comeback hair colors.    
The new color change HUDs are Coffees, Dynamics, (I'm wearing the teal) Lohans, Plastics and Ravens.  They come with the TMP appliers as well as the hair bases.  

Hair - Unorthodox Comeback -( NEW COLORS RELEASE)
Visit Unorthodox

Facial Hair - Unorthodox Groomed Facial Hair Pack + TMP Applier 
Visit Unorthodox

Tattoo - { Speakeasy } Illuminate Tattoo

Necklace - BUC Benjaminz // Bones - Necklace (Previous Kustom9 item)

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