Making Memories

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Hair - { Speakeasy } Damian Hair, available in browns, blondes, grey scales, and reds,  Each color also has several different hues.(NEW)
Tattoo - { Speakeasy } Entities Includes TMP appliers, Slink appliers, and Omega. (NEW)
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Pants- Flow- flow . Wiz Denim Sweatpants Camo Special Edition
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Fireplace and Blankets By Dutchie: (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

The Fireplace is a large, earthy and understated antique stone fireplace, rare to be found in such great untouched condition. It was reclaimed from a farmhouse in the north of Belgium. 

Dutchie's fireplace blankets are warm and inviting in front of any fireplace, rustic or modern. They are changeable into 4 different fabrics, have about 10 auto attach and rezzing props like pencils, writing pads, tea mugs, laptops and phones, and are available in 3 versions: pg, adult and adult plus.

PG: 30 cuddles and kisses. 

Adult: 30 cuddles and kisses, 30 foreplay animations, 30 sex animations and 4 sequences of at least 20 minutes. 

Adult Plus: 30 cuddles and kisses, 30 foreplay animations, 30 sex animations, another 10 additional sex animations and 5 sequences of at least 20 minutes. 

In all 3 versions there are several shorter sequences hidden between the animations. 

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