Motorcycle Style Part II

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Sau Motorcycles just redesigned their racing suit and re vamped their motorcycle called HAYA II[5.0] with professional sound byes now.

Racing suit[INFINITY]

-Fitted mesh version only (compatible with standard sizing) 
-Male and Female version included 
-Avatar physic supported 
-Modifiable helmet(easier to re size and tint) 
-10 Texture change colors

-Alpha and full perm alpha texture(you can combine with your existed alpha) 
-Paint can system. The racing suit itself is script lag-free paint when you need
-Materials enabled, looks awesome in advanced lighting 
-Optimized texture usage 
-Included a low land impact static model for display in your room

-Comes with updater 
-Comes with garage kit,a lot of mesh decorations 
-Delivery to you by Saus little pickup truck(you can use it for decoration too)

Beanie in above photo- [BUC] Roth Beanie comes with color change HUD (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

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