Pretty In Pink

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Here is a sneak peak at whats coming up.

Hair - MINA - Aranka  (NEW @ FaMESHed, April 1st)

Lingerie - *MSS* Me Sew Sexy - Babydoll Lingerie (NEW @ Hello Tuesday for March 31st)

Head Candy

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There are two new releases this week that The SL Registry loves.  The first one is a new hair by Speakeasy.  Yes they also make great tattoos, but they have been making some bad ass hair that you definitely need to check out. 

The next release is from Unorthodox Vicious Facial hair.  It also comes with the TMP Applier. and has three different styles of facial hair.  Worn in the photo is  Vicious A. 

Check out these two places, there's some great stuff to be had. 


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New release from:: Tartessos Arts ::This detailed outdoor set with texture menu and 100% mesh. Couch and armchair includes singles and cuddles anims.

Complete set includes: 
TA Paradise Parasol: 3 prims 
TA Paradise Couch: 11 prims 
TA Paradise Armchair: 9 prims 
TA Paradise Table: 5 prims 
TA Paradise Chiminea: 7 prims 
TA Paradise Jar Plant: 2 prims 
TA Tomato Juice Set: 5 prims 
TA Paradise Rug: 1 prim
Copy version available

Need For Speed

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Surplus Motors has a really cool car.  The GT-R.  The GT-R took the market by storm when launched in 2007. Epic super car performance for 1/2 the price of its nearest competitors. Enthusiasts around the world all love this asphalt eating high tech monster. Now you can own one in Second Life. 
Redesigned and optimized for Second Life by Surplus Motors.

-2 wheel options 
-Music player with 9 songs 
-Media player 
-RL sounds 
-Smoother driving 
-Multiple driver and passenger animations 
-Multiple shift styles 
-Exhaust smoke 
-Adjustable seating 
-Automatic/Manual Transmission 
-Working lights, including brake lights,indicators,reverse lights 
-Opening doors/hood/trunk

Take one for a test drive today.  

New From [Deadwool]

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This is a little bit late due to my graphics card dying but we are back in business, better than ever.  So go check out these new shoes from Deadwool!

New from  [Deadwool] Dandy shoes (compatible with Dandy socks) will be available in 9 colors at the event starting on 18th march:

Hipster 101

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Hair - MINA - Jacky (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Top - {Reverie} - 'L.A. Woman' Tucked Tee in navi (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Shorts - {Reverie} - 'L.A. Woman' BFs Cutouts in Vintage (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Photo taken at Hisperia of Templemore 

Bedtime Stories

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New at Consensual

Bed- Apt B // Pallet Bed 

Rug - Apt B // Rug V3

Table - Apt B // Pallet Table

Vase - Apt B // Geometric Vase Yellow

The above items are available at Consensual:  an Adult Furnishings Event which is open from March 13 to March 27.  

Cat in a bag- {theosophy} Cat in a Bag (Emotional) (NEW AT THE ARCADE) 

Lights - junk. window frame lights. (previous Shiny Shabby Item)

Field of Dreams

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On her: 

Dress including necklace, hat and earrings - Munereia - Cosmopolitan Sales Event 

Heels - Essenz - Turin - Cosmopolitan Sales Event

Photo taken at Just another Tequila Sunrise
Landmark to Just Another Tequila Sunrise

New from {what next}

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The SL Registry is proud to add {what next} to our best of for home furnishing and decor.  Here are their latest releases. 

Decor by {what next}:  These new sets are for the March round of The Liaison Collaborative - 'Bon Voyage' theme, opening March 15th.

There are 3 full sets to choose from each is a 5 or 6 piece (depending on version)

Each set contains the suitcase stack and camera - both are texture-changing and the same in all 3 sets.

The daybed is texture-changing, each has 10 options with various fabric combinations.

 The daybed has over 40 singles animations for sitting alone or with friends, as well as self rezzing props. It's scripted with 20 romantic couples animations, PG only.

In the photos pile - optionally can add your own textures, how cool is that. 
Visit The Liaison Collaborative

Hair - Linda - MINA (NEW @ Kustom9)
Landmark to Kustom9

Spring Break

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Hair - ~ Damselfly- Luke (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Outfit - [MotiAme] Cardigan with Square End Tie & Chino Pants (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shoes -  [BLK2.0] NO RUSH - Bordeaux (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT) 

All above items are available at The Mens Dept

Photo Location- Derailed


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Consensual is a new, two (2) week event that showcases the Second Life most talented and best designers of"Adult Furniture". High end, original mesh creations with the best animations on the grid for the most discriminate shopper. All items will be new releases.

Consensual opens to the public on 13 March and closes on the eve of 27 March.

The Vault - Consensual edition by Abiss

Hair- [INK] - Enhance Mocha (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - { Speakeasy } Divinity Tattoo

Couples Therapy

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Pose- !bang - obvious (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - [monso] My Hair - Robin / with color change HUD for hair and hat (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


Cardigan - Blank Line (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - -David Heather-St. Biker Pants (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers - BLK2.0 - NO RUSH Sneakers ( NEW AT THE MENS DEPT

All above items are available at The Mens Dept

On Her:

Dress - *MSS* Black Lace Dress (NEW @ Cosmopolitan Room for March 2-15)

Purse - 9ty - Shoot Bag Tribal in black (NEW @ Cosmopolitan Room for March 2-15)

Heels - Essenz - Turin in Silver(NEW @ Cosmopolitan Room for March 2-15)

Bracelettes - Meva Silver Bangles Set (NEW @ Cosmopolitan Room for March 2-15)

Above items are available at The Cosmopolitan Room

Hair - MINA - Ariana (NEW @ The Chapter Four, March - April)

Photo taken at Derailed 

Gimme Shelter

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Hair - Damselfly - Luke  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beard - [DossiEr] Bear & Mustache V1

Shirt - {Reverie} Gimme Shelter Shirt - Blue Tartan - (NEW)

Backpack - {Reverie} Gimme Shelter Backpack - Black (NEW) 

Ride With Pride

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I had the opportunity to go riding with my good friend Li Aoki, Shes not only a fantastic blogger and photographer but shes pretty bad ass on a bike.  We where racing when we cam along these sheep.  So we decided to chill out and enjoy the sunset with our new sheep friends. 

To see what Li is wearing..

On Roman

Jacket - AMERIE  - Biker Jacket w Hoodie ( NEW AT THE MENS DEPT) 

Pants- David Heather-St. Biker Pants (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT) 

Sneakers- United Colors leather High top men (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

All above items available at The Mens Dept

Bike - Sau 8 Ball Breaker

Qopi & I

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So I spent a little time with my sister Qopi.  We drove a RV to the Grand Canyon, and rode donkeys and took pictures.  Here is us sitting in the back of the RV.  Qopi is also a photographer and blogger and has a really awesome site. Check out her official blog here:

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Unorthodox Godd (NEW)

Jacket - Addams // Worn Out Biker Jacket  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - // SEUL GARCON \\ Hedi Bikers - Denim (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


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Head piece including bangles, ankle bracelets, panties and pasties by LuLu called Hera Peacock (NEW @  .:Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event :. Open March 2-15)
Landmark to the Cosmopolitan Bi-weekly Event

Dawson Shoes by {kokoia} (NEW @  .:Cosmopolitan-Bi Weekly Event :.)
Comes with a HUD to change the color of the shoes, heel and straps
Landmark to the Cosmopolitan Bi-weekly Event

Photo taken at Black Basalt Beach
Landmark to Black Basalt Beach

Sock Porn

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In Second Life socks are often overlooked, but socks are one of the easiest ways to let people know what kind of mood you're in. You might think an accessory that spends a good amount of time covered by a pant leg as an item you shouldn't pay too much attention to, but the fact that you can flash some bold style when you sit down or roll up a cuff is what makes wearing louder socks appealing. 
Deadwool just released the Dandy socks that can be worn several ways, with or without shoes and can be worn with different style shoes to fit you perfectly. 
Make a statement with Deadwool socks.

Socks - [Deadwool] Dandy socks available with Texture change HUD for argyle, dotted, striped and plain.  (NEW)

Jacket - ColdAsh -HUNTSMAN Jacket w/Shirt  with texture change HUD for shirt (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT) 

Hair - { Speakeasy } Emmet hair (NEW)

Hells Angel

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On Her:

Hair - MINA - Kaya (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Tank - Bueno - Tank Top (NEW @ Kustom9)

Pants - Spirit - Welosa Leggings

Boots - Gabriel ::GB:: Lace Up Boots (NEW @ Mens Only Monthly)

Necklace - 22769 - The Phoenix

Motorcycle - SAU - NEMESIS [SLAYER] [1.4] SNEAK PEAK

Photo taken at Derailed

The Cleaned Up Combat Boot

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Covered has released a refined version of the battle ready combat boot at this months Mens Dept. They are available for men and women and come in 7 colors.  Check them out at The Mens Dept today!

Men At Work

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Hair - { Speakeasy } Emmet hair (NEW)
Visit Speakeasy

Visit The Mens Dept

Briefs - { Speakeasy } Irish Briefs  (NEW)
Visit Speakeasy

Tattoo -  { Speakeasy } Illuminate (NEW)
Visit Speakeasy

Cleaning Supplies - MadPea Squeeky Clean! (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
The Squeaky Clean! Spring cleaning items are made for the March 2015 round of the Arcade Gacha Event and are exclusive for the duration of the event. 
Visit The Arcade

Television - Tartessos Arts Sensation TV Sytem (NEW)
Visit Tartessos Arts


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Mask- Remarkable Oblivion - Last Stand - Gas Mask (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Armor - Remarkable Oblivion - Last Stand - Armor - RARE (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Hair - { Speakeasy } Damian Hair Chocolate (NEW)

Tattoo -  Speakeasy  Entities (NEW)

Pants - DECO - His Bandit Cargos  (punkd) (NEW)

Boots - Remarkable Oblivion - Last Stand - Boot - RARE (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Shot at the new Speakeasy Sim

Faux Fur

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"The only thing faux about me is my fur"

Fur stole by GizzA
Landmark to GizzA

Hair by MINA - Kaya
Landmark to Shiny Shabby

*No animals were hurt in the making of this shot*

Mudhoney at the Arcade

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The Arcade Gacha Event started March 1st.  Mudhoney features its newest clutter gacha.

MudHoney Bill Pile
MudHoney Canvas Shoes - Black
MudHoney Cat Keys
MudHoney Distressed Table RARE
MudHoney Earphones
MudHoney Glasses w/ Case - Coral
MudHoney Leather Bag - Mint
MudHoney Message Pad
MudHoney Pocket Clutter
MudHoney Sloth Keys
MudHoney Smart Phone