Need For Speed

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Surplus Motors has a really cool car.  The GT-R.  The GT-R took the market by storm when launched in 2007. Epic super car performance for 1/2 the price of its nearest competitors. Enthusiasts around the world all love this asphalt eating high tech monster. Now you can own one in Second Life. 
Redesigned and optimized for Second Life by Surplus Motors.

-2 wheel options 
-Music player with 9 songs 
-Media player 
-RL sounds 
-Smoother driving 
-Multiple driver and passenger animations 
-Multiple shift styles 
-Exhaust smoke 
-Adjustable seating 
-Automatic/Manual Transmission 
-Working lights, including brake lights,indicators,reverse lights 
-Opening doors/hood/trunk

Take one for a test drive today.  

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