Beach Style

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Its about that time, so if your getting ready to hit the beach your going to need the right trunks.
The SL Registry has chosen Flows' neoprene board shorts.  There are 16 designs and colors for you to chose from.  

Speakeasy has just released their newest Bandit tattoo for the Dark Style Fair. Its compatible with the TMP, Omega and Slink and comes with appliers.

Damselfly has a new hair available at Fameshed this month.  Gus is a non-rigged shorter guys' hair for casual looks and perfect for the beach.  Fameshed opens May 1 - May 28 and is celebrating their 3 year anniversary.  So there are goodies for all!

The facial hair is by Unorthodox and is called Groomed Facial Hair and is compatible with TMP as well.  

The aviator sunglasses are a new release from Redgrave.  The are texture change and realizable.

Sneaker of The Week

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Sneakers - [BALKANIK 2.0] WASSUP - GACHA - BLACK 1986 *RARE* (NEW)

There are a total of 28 colors available including 4 rares and are compatible with most mesh bodies!

Rain Over Me

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Dress including necklace - GizzA - Absinthe Dress (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Hair - MINA - Vera (materials)

Skin - Modish - Zahra Skt 04 

Purse - GizzA - Soho Tote Bag

Heels - Eudora - Weston Pumps

His Shirt - [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Real Shirt  w/HUD 

His Pants - BlankLine Roll-up Pants (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

His Boots - FLite. - Maybe Tomorrow 

Umbrella - {what next} 

Enjoy the music!

Welcome Emotional Baggage

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Chair - MudHoney Victoria Chair - Stripes RARE (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Rug - junk. zebra rug

Flowers - [ keke ] peons - blush and red

Cat in bag - {theosophy} Cat in a Bag (Emotional)

Sign - DRD welcome sign

Table - MudHoney Victoria Table - Natural  (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Roses - MudHoney Victoria Roses - Red  (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Hanging Stars - [ keke ] the sky is the limit - stars (NEW)

Flower in display case - {vespertine}- mechanical flower (NEW)

Candle - MudHoney Tentacle Candle Holder  (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Tent - ISON - fortune tent (gray) (NEW)

Sideshow sign - Apt B // Carnival Sideshow Sign (NEW)

Visit Tag Gacha!


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Eye Brows - Unorthodox  (NEW)

Facial Hair - Unorthodox - Groomed (Featured)

Shape - !BaaaH! MALE Shape Andree 


Bracelet - Bauhaus Movement - Cypriss - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - Kal Rau - Casual Jeans M5

Watch - [MANDALA] Billionaire Smexy

New Build from Scarlet Creative

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Shiny Shabby is a unique vintage-themed shopping event, that brings together the most talented SL designers and delivers skillfully crafted 100% original mesh creations. Shiny Shabby opened on the 20th of April and closes on the 15th of May.

Scarlet Creative has a new build called Neva Chapel.  Its a gorgeous design as all her builds are.  

Seaside Heights

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The Tag Gacha (Sideshow theme) event will run from April 17th-30th.  Carnival Treats Table has 14 common items to collect and 1 mystery rare - L$25 a play. The mystery rare is kept a surprise, for players to discover. 
"TAG! Gacha is a HUD based event that takes players out across the grid to discover the main stores of some Second Life’s best and most original artists. Their journey begins at Gachatopia, where they discover a new and original build each round and pick up a free game HUD. As they visit each store, players find a brand new gacha collection to play. Every gacha collection has a Mystery Rare in the form of a coupon that players can win. Once players have visited all 50 locations they unlock the redemption room where they can then redeem their coupons for their Mystery Rares. Mysteries are exclusive to TAG! Gacha and are retired after the event, never to be sold again."

Items in photo:

Table - {what next} Red Stripe Treats Table (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Soda crates - {what next} Vintage Soda Crates (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

On table -

MudHoney Circus Cart (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cookie plate - {what next} Dotty Plate of Cookies (NEW AT WAYWARD HUNT)

Candy Apples - {what next}  (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cupcake Ferris Wheel - {what next} (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Lollipops - {what next} Lollipop Jar (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cotton Candy Machine - {what next} Aqua Cotton (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cake - .*Paper Flowers*. ~ Elephant 

Popcorn Machine - {what next} (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Dog - Stella 

Tea Time with Shiny Shabby

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Table - Fancy Decor: Wood Table (white)

Kalopsia - Antique Tea Cups

Fancy Decor: Tabletop Frames

Guitar - <:*BoOgErS*:> Balalaika Hanging Natural

Chair - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Old Farmer Chair

Wall Panels - Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (stained)

At Home with Shiny Shabby

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Shiny Shabby is a unique vintage-themed shopping event, that brings together the most talented SL designers and delivers skillfully crafted 100% original mesh creations. Shiny Shabby opened on the 20th and closes on the 15th of May.

Chair - [ zerkalo ] Darius Couch PG

Rugs - [ zerkalo ] Darius Rugs

Book Stack - Kalopsia - Antique Book Stack

Guitar - <:*BoOgErS*:> Balalaika Hanging Natural

Boots - !APHORISM! Glastonbury Boots - Teal - 

Music note paper - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Note Sheets with Folk Songs

Glass Vase w Flowers - [ keke ] glass vase w magnolias - blush

Dog - Stella


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Pose - . Infiniti . - Servitude - Couples Pose (NEW AT POSE FAIR)

On Him:
Tattoo - { Speakeasy } Fate Tattoo (NEW AT MENS ONLY MONTHLY)

Necklace - Mandala - Lustful (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

On Her:

Hair - .:EMO-TIONS:. - *Brandy* (NEW AT COSMO)

Tattoo - Infected - Havoc (NEW @ Cosmo)

Mommy Dearest

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On Her:
Hair - MINA - Yuliya (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Outfit - OrsiniRed - Cala American Jeans & Noir/Blue Tops (NEW @ Cosmo)


Dolls - Remarkable Oblivion - The Doll Maker (NEW)
Carriage - Remarkable Oblivion -  Pram Rare (NEW)

Decor House= Fancy Decor: Mini House - Three styles to choose from (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Candelabra - Fancy Decor: Simple Candelabra (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Hanging Guitar - <:*BoOgErS*:> Balalaika Hanging Natural (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Wood Panels - Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (stained) (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Stool - Fancy Decor: Small Stool Stained (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Sash on Stool - Remarkable Oblivion - Paragon Sash 

Rug - Fancy Decor: Worn Rug (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Papers on Floor - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Note Sheets with Folk Songs (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Harp - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Russian Hand Harp (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Gas Mask - Remarkable Oblivion - Last Stand - Gas Mask - Morte 

Cigs on Floor - [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts 

Covered Stump - *Alchemist* (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Chair Belle is Sitting on- (epia) - Interrogation Chair (NEW) 

Side Show

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Skin - Modish - Zahra 
Visit Modish

Hair - Mina - Ashton
Visit MINA

Outfit including the top and skirt - *MSS* - Lace See Thru Top with Peplm Skirt (NEW @ Cosmo from April 13-26)
Visit Cosmo

Bracelettes, necklace and earrings - Meva - Meva Leather Set 3 (NEW @ Cosmo from April 13-26)
Visit Cosmo

Purse - -David Heather-Bag of Jewels RARE
Visit David Heather

Heels - Ricielli - Lasercut Ankle Boots
Visit Ricielli


Chairs - Myrrine - Noir Collection in Floral, Flowers and Pattern (NEW @ Cosmo from April 13-26)
Visit Cosmo

Sign - Apt B // Carnival Sideshow Sign
Visit Apt b

Chess set - [ zerkalo ] Chess / Karpov vs Unzicker (1974) v2 Metal
Visit [ zerkalo ]

Record player set - Tartesso Arts Recorder Set
Visit Tartesso Arts

Sign - Tartesso Arts Paris Decor
Visit Tartesso Arts

Table - =EliBaily= Drum Kit CoffeeTable - Black

Phone - -David Heather-Rotary Phone/Silver
Visit David Heather

Building - The [Den.] - PackUP Home

**Special guest appearance by Stella**

The Power Of Pastel

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Hair - Unorthodox FWU Hairbase Includes TMP Appliers (NEW)

Skin - Clef de Peau - Ryan (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shirt::K:: Terry Tops Homme - (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)
Shiny Shabby is a unique vintage-themed shopping event, that brings together the most talented SL designers and delivers skillfully crafted 100% original mesh creations. Shiny Shabby opens on the 20th of each month and closes on the 15th of the following month.

Watch - [ kunst ] - Schism watch / classic (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Eyes - IKON - Hope 

Style for Him & Her

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Pose - oOo Stillness (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - MINA Hair - Nitro -available w/ sideburns (EXCLUSIVE FOR THE END EVENT)  
***OPENING APRIL 16***  The End is a quarterly, post-apocalypse themed sales event featuring exclusive creations from the best designers in Second Life.

Jacket- Gabriel - Zipped Biker Jacket / Black line shirt 
Pants - :Gabriel - Skinny pants (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

**The fatpacks customization HUD lets you change 13 different surfaces colors.
The options are: Black, White, Flax, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

On Her:

Hair - M I N A - M E S H - Kaya - Special colour packs for Kustom9 (NEW)

Outfit including the jacket, shirt and skirt - Gabriel - An leather jacket and skirt. (NEW @ Kustom9)
Comes with a texture changer HUD

Heels - Poute - Timber High Wedges - (NEW for Cosmo Round 3/15).
For slink feet, each color comes with brown trim/flower option
(on sale for 85L only)

Location - Hesperia of Templemore

Dog - Stella

What to Wear Today

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Hair - MINA Hair - Harry -  Pack now include a new Grey color.  Available from April 15 to May 10

Beard -  Unorthodox Vicious Facial Hair - (NEW)

Skin - Clef de Peau - Ryan (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo -  Speakeasy - Cursive (NEW)

Necklace & Bracelet- [MANDALA] - Lustful (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - {Reverie - Up The Bracket' Jeans Includes display glasses (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT

Rock Royal

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Hair - MINA - Joelle (NEW exclusive for The 100 Block)

Skin - ::Modish: - Elyze (NEW)

Fur stole - GizzA - Fur Stole in Burgundy

Crown - Remarkable Oblivion - Crown of Thorns

Necklace - 22769 - Skull and Roses Necklace in black

Visual Acoustic

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Apple Fall Photographers' Easel

Apple Fall Martins' Busker Guitar

Apple Fall Metro Entrance

Apple Fall Nardyas' Tulips in Mason Jar

-David Heather-Guitare Case/Decor/Mahogany

Barkley the dog

On him:

Hat- Lino Hair - Modulus includes hair  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Necklace - [MANDALA]- Lustful  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Bracelet - MANDALA - Lustful  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - SEUL GARCON Vintage Ripped Denim  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers - [BLK2.0] OPIUM - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - { Speakeasy } Cursive Tattoo ((NEW)

Photo taken at Derailed

The Secret Room

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Hair by Mina - Elisa in Ombre Pastel (NEW)
Comes with a HUD, including materials and non-materials

Skin - Modish - Zahra (NEW)
Comes with installers for TMP and different lipstick colours

Body by Maitreya

Photo taken at The Outer Garden

Sneaker of The Week

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BLK 2.0 just launched some downtown street wear meets high fashion sneakers  for the April round of The Mens Dept that the SL Registry has named sneaker of the week.  
They are available in 20 different styles that both men and women can wear. Step your game up and head over to The Mens Dept and pick up a pair of the BLK 2.0 Opiums


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On Him
Jeans- {Reverie} 'Up The Bracket' Jeans  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hoodie - not so bad - ELIOTT hoodie includes tank top and texture change

Hair- Speakeasy- Damian (NEW) 

To see what Qopi is wearing check out her site

Cherry Blossom

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The SL Registry welcomes Modish  Skins, Shapes, Cosmetics and Accessories to our elite list of top notch designers. Featuring highly detailed and unique exotic skins, this remarkable designer is one to keep an eye out for.

On Him:

Skin - ::Modish:: Kenji male skin, available in 7 tones

Sunglasses - Redgrave Gunshoot (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jewelry - [MANDALA] LUSTFUL- available necklace ring and bracelet (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shirt - etham - Miguel Thermal Shirt (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Phone -  [ kunst ] - kPhone 3C / wood (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - [Deadwool] The Dandy - formal trousers 

Socks - [Deadwool] Dandy  (NEW)

Shoes - [Deadwool] Dandy shoes  black/silver wingtip (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pose -  oOo  Studio - Attachment (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

On Her:

Dress - Emery - Moss Leather Dress in bronze (NEW AT FAMESHED)

Hair - Mina - Elisa 

Decor in Background:

Shop - Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Shop RARE

Tree- 8f8 - Single Young Sakura WHITE with Beads 

Scooter - Kalopsia - Dolce Vita Scooter 

Counter - Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - 

Register - Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Cash Register

Box - Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Kasutera

Painting - Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Painting RARE

Radiator - Apple Fall Victorian Radiator

Chair - Apple Fall & An Lar Toile Chair (Cream)

Table & Chairs- [PM]Pixel Mode - Bisous Table w/Cloth - White Rust

Bunny - ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Sniffles the Bunny

Beach Style

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Beach Towels and Decor- 
N4RS Beach Ball
N4RS Beach Lovers Towel 
N4RS Open Beach Decor Magazine
N4RS Beach Umbrella

AITUI - Beach Bag - Hawaii Lava   (Previous Arcade Item)

Headphones-[VALE KOER]

Fence - {what next}-Coastal Fence   (NEW) 

On Him- 
Shirt- United Colors- Bali Shirt (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shorts- United Colors- Bali Shorts (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sunglasses -  REDGRAVE- Gunshot (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


Hair - Soonsiki- Evergreen- (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Phone - [ kunst ] - kPhone 3C / wood (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoos - Speakeasy- Dreamer (NEW)

On Her
Hair - MINA - Jacky

Dog - Barclay The SL Registry mascot

Photo Taken at- The Beach 

Take me to Church

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Watch - *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR (NEW)
Visit Chronokit

Facial Hair - Unorthodox Vicious (NEW)
Visit Unorthodox

Hair - [INK] - RECO  (NEW)
Visit Ink

Tattoo - Speakeasy - Decay  Included TMP, Omega and Slink Appliers (NEW)
Visit Speakeasy

Visit The Mens Dept

Visit The Mens Dept

Sunglasses - Redgrave - Aviator PILOT 
Visit Redgrave

Photo Taken at Hesperia of Templemore
Visit Hesperia of Templemore

Thank you to Jay Tedder for his amazing windlights.  Visit his website here for more. Background items

Couch - Lame- Rudy's Loveseat (PG) *Spring2

Guitar -  KAZZA - HomeStyle - Guitar Stand

Ottoman - Kalopsia - Leather Pouf

Ashtray -  N4RS - Gun Metal Ash Tray