Mommy Dearest

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On Her:
Hair - MINA - Yuliya (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)

Outfit - OrsiniRed - Cala American Jeans & Noir/Blue Tops (NEW @ Cosmo)


Dolls - Remarkable Oblivion - The Doll Maker (NEW)
Carriage - Remarkable Oblivion -  Pram Rare (NEW)

Decor House= Fancy Decor: Mini House - Three styles to choose from (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Candelabra - Fancy Decor: Simple Candelabra (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Hanging Guitar - <:*BoOgErS*:> Balalaika Hanging Natural (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Wood Panels - Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (stained) (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Stool - Fancy Decor: Small Stool Stained (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Sash on Stool - Remarkable Oblivion - Paragon Sash 

Rug - Fancy Decor: Worn Rug (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Papers on Floor - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Note Sheets with Folk Songs (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Harp - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Russian Hand Harp (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Gas Mask - Remarkable Oblivion - Last Stand - Gas Mask - Morte 

Cigs on Floor - [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts 

Covered Stump - *Alchemist* (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Chair Belle is Sitting on- (epia) - Interrogation Chair (NEW) 

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