Seaside Heights

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The Tag Gacha (Sideshow theme) event will run from April 17th-30th.  Carnival Treats Table has 14 common items to collect and 1 mystery rare - L$25 a play. The mystery rare is kept a surprise, for players to discover. 
"TAG! Gacha is a HUD based event that takes players out across the grid to discover the main stores of some Second Life’s best and most original artists. Their journey begins at Gachatopia, where they discover a new and original build each round and pick up a free game HUD. As they visit each store, players find a brand new gacha collection to play. Every gacha collection has a Mystery Rare in the form of a coupon that players can win. Once players have visited all 50 locations they unlock the redemption room where they can then redeem their coupons for their Mystery Rares. Mysteries are exclusive to TAG! Gacha and are retired after the event, never to be sold again."

Items in photo:

Table - {what next} Red Stripe Treats Table (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Soda crates - {what next} Vintage Soda Crates (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

On table -

MudHoney Circus Cart (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cookie plate - {what next} Dotty Plate of Cookies (NEW AT WAYWARD HUNT)

Candy Apples - {what next}  (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cupcake Ferris Wheel - {what next} (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Lollipops - {what next} Lollipop Jar (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cotton Candy Machine - {what next} Aqua Cotton (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Cake - .*Paper Flowers*. ~ Elephant 

Popcorn Machine - {what next} (NEW AT TAG GACHA)

Dog - Stella 

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