Mens Swimwear

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It's that time everyone! Whether your hitting the beach or the pool, you should still look good.  By now, you should know that your swim trunks should be as tailored as any pair of pants in your closet.  The only things you should be swimming in, is the ocean or the pool, not extra fabric or droopy shorts that come to your knees.  No one wants to have a two tone tan.

With that being said.... Here is today's special endorsement!

Swim Shorts - Pumpkin - Beach Shorts -  Available in Black, white, red, blue, lime, pink, grey, yellow and brown.  They are also compatible with TMP. (NEW)

Tattoo - Speakeasy - Blessin - Compatible with TMP, Slink and Omega. Unisex.  (NEW)

Pose - Pose - Le Poppycock - One Chance  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - Argrace - Arata 

Sunglasses - Redgrave- Gunshot (NEW)

Pool - :FANATIK HOME: Swimming Pool Lisbon

Table - Zigana . maroccan table . green

Lounger - The Loft - Verona Lounger w/ Towel  Dark Cherry

Sectionals - .lame - Kenway Sectional 2-Seat 

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