The (NON) Burger Guide

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Just don't do it. At a party, you have to either make them to order or make them all at once. These are both terrible options. Here's how your day will go.

Scenario A
You spend your entire party over the grill, experiencing all the sweaty, exhausted irritability (and none of the mindless, flawless accuracy) of a short-order cook. You lose track of who wanted medium-rare and who wanted well-done. You talk about nothing other than the burgers. You resent everyone there for reducing you to their personal chef. And you screw up every single burger a little or a lot.

Scenario B
You crowd a batch of naked burgers onto a serving plate, where they dry out in the sun like retirees on a cruise. Burgers can't sit like this. They're meant to be gilded with cheese, slid onto a bun, garnished, and devoured. Yeah, people will eat your sorry pile of patties, but they'll do it in that dutiful, depressed, half-conscious way they eat airplane food. Which is also what your burgers will taste like.

Outdoor Decor:

Mailbox - tight - roadside attraction (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beer Bucket - tight. roadside attraction (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Picnic Table - tight. roadside attraction (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Zigana . garden shed. painted RARE (Previous Arcade Item)

Bird House - ISPACHI - [Garden Friends] Basil the Bird (Previous Arcade Item)

Orange Trees - Little Branch -

Shrub - Little Branch- -Bilbo{Shrub}*Green

Daisies - Little Branch - Daisy{Rounded-Field}

Flower Bed - Little Branch -Flower Bed{Daisy} (NEW AT FAMESHED)

Sari-Sari - BBQ Party - Burgers RARE (NEW AT THE ARCADE)


Hair -{ Speakeasy } Kellz Hair (FOR BOYS OF SUMMER)

Shirt -  Shirt & Jeans- Turner - REDGRAVE (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Shoes - Benito Sneaker -Creme -  REDGRAVE 

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