Bare Strength

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 This photo is in honor of all the wounded war veterans out there, whom above everything just want to be normal.  Instead of portraying them in a typical sad war destroyed pose.  We should honor them for who they really are... Heroes.  Sexy, confident, heroes that are still bad ass! 

These men (and women) fought for us, and continue to fight for us putting their lives on the line to simply protect their country.  Their trauma doesn't end when the guns stop firing.   With that being said, The SL Registry salutes all those war veterans and thanks you for all serving our country and protecting our freedom.  

Flag - 7 - Stars and Stripes

Firearm - GTMD tactical Rifle

Vest (epia) - Tactical Combat Vest 

Helmet - (epia) - Skull Half-Helmet (NEW)

Prostethic leg - Tachikawa Heavy Industries - Cheetah Legs 

Tattoo -  Speakeasy - Curse - (NEW)

 Pose - Le Poppycock - Sneak Preview (COMING SOON)

* This photo was inspired by the famous photographer Michael Stokes who has also honored the wounded vets that we all support.  Thank you Mr Stokes!

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