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It's 2:00 am and after a long night of Cards Against Humanity with friends along with 8 bottles of wine, a bottle of Tequila and some shots of Jagermeister the munchies start to kick in and your find yourself wandering the aisle of the 7- Eleven but you do it in style! Admit it, we've all been there, you probably don't remember but your friends have pics of you wasted.  

On Him:

Shirt - BlankLine Shirts&T Fitted S/M [GrayDenim] (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Camera - [BUC] Zante Polaroid Camera  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - Gabriel - :Roll up denim pants (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Sneakers - [BLK2.0] NORAGE_"MALE TMP" #Grey&Orange (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - *Dura-Boy*61(Black) (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - Speakeasy - Dishonor (NEW)

Signature pose - The sexiest couple 

On Her:

Bag - Bad Unicorn Clothing - Zante Duffle Bag (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - Tableau Vivant - Jar Hair

Outfit including the pants and shirt - SPIRIT - Elysha Outfit (NEW @ THE MENS DEPT) 

Shoes - David Heather - *CASHMERE*Vintage Taylor Platform

Sunglasses - Glamistry: Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2003 

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