The House on the Hill

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House - +CONVAIR+ Mapleton House  This is an updated version of the Mapleton home.   Each room in the house allows the ceilings and walls to be tinted separately.  This update primarily upgrades most of the textures in the house. Many of the textures have been reworked and you will find a vast imporvemtn in its design.  The fireplaces have been replaced with more detailed and re-textured versions. The living room fireplace has a texture change script on the tile which allows the colors to be changed by merely clicking on the tile. Check out this gorgeous home at fameshed today.   (NEW AT faMESHed)
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Landscaping from left to right

LIttle Branch - _Lombardy_4Seasons

Little branch - LB_Bilbo{Shrub}*Lavender

Little Branch - LB_Fushia Poppies{Field}
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Heart - Potted Plants - Red Aubretia and White Daisies

Heart - Potted Plants - Aubretia and White Daisies - 3 Pots

Heart - Topiary - Ground 2 - Teardrop 1 
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Little Branch - Bilbo{Potted}*Birch

Little Branch - _Bilbo{Shrub}*Green

Little Branch - WeepingWillow_4Seasons+Pink
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Rain Barrel - Pilot
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Animals - 
Stella and Kit-tay
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