Why you should bring your dog on Vacation

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There is nothing like hanging out with your best friend, especially if he has 4 legs.  My rule is where I go, my dog goes. So this week I am at the beach with Stella relaxing on Exposures new Fishy chair and ottoman which is available at this months FaMESHed.  Now pack your bags, and go on vacation with your dog.

1. A Dogs Favorite Place to Be is With You
Your dog is sure to enjoy the trip as much as you enjoy having him there, how nice to get to share the fun together.

2. Your Dog is Part of The Family
If the dog isn't there, you'll find yourself missing them the whole time. It's nice to have your dog along, to share in all your family adventures and memories.

3. You'll Meet Other Dog Owners (or if your single, chicks)
Meeting other dog owners is an opportunity to meet new people, it's also a great way to learn about other dog friendly local places to visit.

4. You'll Discover Dog Friendly Parks and Beaches
You'll discover new places that you may not have traveled to otherwise.

5. Your Dog Will Love You For Bringing Him Along
A trip is fun for the dog too, he gets to see and smell new places, meet new dogs and essentially be with the people he loves most.

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