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The Festival of Sin is starting August 22, and running through Sept 22.  Designers are to pick from each of the sins, and they are all so good.  Mudhoney chose Lust, which is one of my favorites has released a set that has some really sexy animations and is available in an assortment of colors.  

The adult chairs have 14 single animations, 11 cuddles and 28 adult animations.
The pg chairs have 14 singles and 11 cuddles.
For the ones with a blanket and pillow, you can click on either the blanket or pillow to change textures. There are 4 textures each for the blanket and pillow.

The ottomans have 13 single animations.

The artwork was done by Dan Burrows -  http://spiderloot.weebly.com

The lamps, you can turn off and on by clicking.

Now play the video and stare at the photo..

New from Toro

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The SL Registry is proud to add Toro to its exclusive roster of elite designers in Second Life. 
Listed Below are some of the amazing items recently released:

Toro. Messy Conceptual Artist's Apartment Gacha Fatpack:

Couch - Toro. Lazy Awkward Space Couch 
Art - Toro. The Drip Sculpture [White]
Art - Toro. The Drip Sculpture [Black]
Rug - Toro. (Step on Me) Rug
Art - Toro. Mixed thoughts Artwork
Toro. Aged Wooden Palet (Triple)
Toro. Aged Wooden Palet (Single)r
Toro. Plain Rug
Toro. Made in kitchen Wall art
Toro. Mad Science Sign
Toro. Artist's Apartment Rare

Skateboards - Wooden Cruiserboard are also a Gacha item and are available at Kustom9

Turn Up The The Music

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Hair - MINA Hair - David TMP size (NEW AT MOM)

Shirt - [BUC] "Black" Tied 2 Tee (NEW AT MOM)

Jeans - [monso] My Ripped Jean - Black (NEW AT TMD)

Sneakers - [BLK2.0] NORAGE_"MALE TMP" #Grey&Orange 

Pose -  Le Poppycock - Freewheeler - Gacha There are 19 to collect and you can change the color of the bike's body, handles, and tires by clicking on the prim you want to change.  (NEW AT MOM)

Location of photo

Our Newest Find - Di'Cor

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As The SL Registry thrives to remain on top of what's new from those who have continuously remained at the forefront of the industry, we would like to pay homage to those that are up and coming as well. Di"cor is a brand that we discovered and we wanted to take a moment to highlight this talented designer and to showcase her phenomenal furniture line. Classy and sophisticated works of art, you can find her items on the Marketplace, watch out for her inworld store that is coming soon! 

Bianca Lounger Set
Di'Cor Bianca Lamp Tall
[Di'Cor Bianca Lamp Tall
Di'Cor Bianca Books 1
Bianca Lounger
Modern rug, with texture change
Di'Cor Bianca Books 1

All her items can be found at:
Visit Di'Cor

Photo taken at Flux Sur Mer
Visit Flux Sur Mer

15 Things you Shouldn't do with your Beard

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Here are the Rules:

1.  Don’t treat your beard like a topiary

2. Don’t trim away the beardiest parts

3. Don’t even think about a goatee - See #2

4. Don’t let your beard just grow - In other words don't look like Matthew McConaughey...just don't

5. Don’t accessorize your beard - No elastics, beads, food, Christmas decorations. 

6. Don’t leave food in your beard - See #5

7. Don’t trim your beard into a point - Your not Satan, only he can rock that

8. Don’t short-change the mustache- Take care of that too.

9. Don’t forget the neckbeard - In other words, you want to show your neck.  You aren't a bear.  

10. Don’t shave the cheeks down too deep - I want pork chops on my face, said no one ever.

11. Don’t shave a hard line into your beard’s neckline - Natural but not a bear.  See # 9

12. Don’t dye your beard - Got it? Good.

13. Don’t do whatever Mickey Rourke did - I don't even know what it is but I don't recommend it 

14. Don’t Travolta your beard - He's not cool anymore

15. Don’t go all Castaway with your beard - If you do I will get you a soccer ball and you can name it Wilson. 

Want this look?

Hair - [Deadwool] Undercut hair - wild - medium brown (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Beard - [Deadwool] Full beard - brown - There are 4 versions of the mustache included (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Necklace - [CX] Vagrant's Necklace (Silver) (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - Speakeasy - Descendants Tattoo (NEW AT MENS ONLY MONTHY) 


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Sau just released its newest bike named Chitu.  Here is a little history of what that name really means: 

 Red Hare, also known as Chitu, was Lü Bu's horse from the Three Kingdoms; inspired the phrase "Among men: Lü Bu. Among horses: Red Hare."
Chitu was mentioned in Lü Bu's biographies in the historical texts Records of the Three Kingdoms and Book of the Later Han. It was described as very powerful, and capable of "galloping across cities and leaping over moats". Lü Bu rode this horse in 193 during a battle in Changshan, in which he helped another warlord Yuan Shao defeat his rival Zhang Yan.

This motorcycle is Saus' interpretation of a modern day war horse.

Hair - Wolf[Fram] The Jaix Style (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Outfit - *:..Silvery K..:*Jinbei(Mesh)For Men Black Ebony

Sword - [sau ]Fangtianhuaji

Boots - [Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots - (black) 

Bike - [sau] CHITU II [lite] (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

A Walk in the Park

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The Newest round of The Mens Dept opened up yesterday and there are some really cool things for you guys and girls to pick up.
Featured here is the N4RS Vondel Park Bench.  It is available in either a galvanized and rusted look. The set includes the street light with and without beam, the bin, and the bench.  Check out the demo at The Mens Dept and pick a set up for your place or business.  

The photo was taken at Hesperia of Templemore which is now inviting you to live a premium lifestyle and be a part of its trendy upscale residential community.

See Luis Lockjaw for details or visit the sim!

Live The Dream

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The next round of FaMESHed has begun!

The new Apple Fall Hardwick Manor is a brand new release that has 4 bedrooms plus a sun room.   This English style home has a land impact of only 345 and is available at this months Fameshed.

The car is a new release by Surplus Motors and is the S65 AMG edition.  It has amazing detail, allows 4 passengers and drives like a dream 

The location is the infamous Hesperia of Templemore which now invites you to live a premium lifestyle and be a part of its trendy upscale residential community.  

Inquire with Luis Lockjaw in world