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The Festival of Sin is starting August 22, and running through Sept 22.  Designers are to pick from each of the sins, and they are all so good.  Mudhoney chose Lust, which is one of my favorites has released a set that has some really sexy animations and is available in an assortment of colors.  

The adult chairs have 14 single animations, 11 cuddles and 28 adult animations.
The pg chairs have 14 singles and 11 cuddles.
For the ones with a blanket and pillow, you can click on either the blanket or pillow to change textures. There are 4 textures each for the blanket and pillow.

The ottomans have 13 single animations.

The artwork was done by Dan Burrows -  http://spiderloot.weebly.com

The lamps, you can turn off and on by clicking.

Now play the video and stare at the photo..

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