Guitar Hero

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Tartessos Arts just released their newest home furniture set called The Exalt. 

You get a detailed urban couch with texture change menu.  Find your own style with the multi sit menu animations.   There is even a Intimate menu inside couch for those romantic moments. Dance by clicking the amp or hifi system.  

You can also use your own pictures in the TV. It will show your pictures by fading from one picture to another in a loop.  

The guitar can be displayed or worn and comes with a HUD menu with realist guitar playing animations.

Skybox - +CONVAIR+ Boston Skybox (with lights) (NEW)

Tartesso Arts - Exalt Couch Set (NEW)
Tartesso Arts - Exalt Table (NEW)
Tartesso Arts Exalt Plant 2 (NEW)
Tartesso Arts Exalt Lamp (NEW)
Tartesso Arts Exalt Rug (NEW)
Tartesso Arts Exalt Wall Clock (NEW)
Tartesso Arts Beer and Snacks (NEW)
Tartesso Arts Idol Amp (NEW)

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