Keg Party

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Early Labor Day festivities begin with a keg party!

Special guest appearances:
JamaicasianBaby Resident
JaredWV Resident
Bee Blackrain
Belle Godde
and me

Puppy - 11. {theosophy} Shiba Inu (Pizza's Here) RARE
 (NEW @ The Arcade)

Various party items: 
(epia) - Party Garage RARE
(epia) - Beer Keg
(epia) - Party Sign
(epia) - Used Sofa RARE
(epia) - BBQ Grill
(epia) - Fancy Drink Cup (add)
(epia) - Ping Pong Table
(epia) - Outdoor Pool RARE
(epia) - Megaphone (add)
(epia) - College Adventures Book

[NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (01)

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