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We will be back in a week!

Stay Tuned!

Shoot Some Hoops in Style

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Coming soon to the November round of The Mens Dept from BALKANIK 2.0
GR Shorts with HUD

Sneakers - BALKANIK 2.0 - Norage

Whats Trending for Mens Hair

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Argrace just released a new hair for men called Shun.  It is a non rigged mesh and comes with a re-size script.  There are 5 different colors available as well as the lighter and darker tones within the five colors.  Now go pick one up so your girl can run her fingers through it.

Visit Argrace Here

Facial hair - Unorthodox - Groomed 

Visit Unorthodox

The Devil Wears Besom

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Hair - BesomxFLITE -  Heaux ~ Veluxe with The Roses Skull Headpiece veil in Crimson
 (NEW AT N21)


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" I want you in the worst way...your taste, scent, and feel of your skin next to mine..."

Bed - Silence. - Brighton Bed (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - Atui - Tiger Lily (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Visit The Mens Dept

What to Wear Now

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Take your fall style to the next level with the latest releases from Diram, Drot, Ascend and Meva.  Available at Men Only Monthly.

Hair - *Drot* -Virgil- Midnight

Coat - ** DIRAM ** SERGIO Coat - Grey

Necklace - Meva Mens Wood Beads Necklace Lions Head

Pants - Ascend - Harajuku Swag Pants 

Facial Hair - Unorthodox - Groomed 

New Sim to Discover!

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There is a brand new sim named Kilu that just opened for us to discover.  It is a collaboration between Kimbra Iridescent and Luis Lockjaw who also provide a sim building service.  This sim is a perfect dream escape that Kimbra brought to life.  There are so many beautiful spots for you to explore.  
Photographers and bloggers alike may rez and take photos.  Not many sims allow this anymore but thanks to the kindness of Kimbra who is a blogger herself, she knows how hard it is to find amazing spots for us to use.  In return just tag her or please provide a link so others may discover this amazing place.

Visit Kilu

There are some simple rules that I feel are more than fair.
While you do have rez rights here,  please refrain from rezzing anything else but pose balls.

Please feel free to take nude pics, this is an adult sim after all.

Please do not interfere with others taking pictures, this is called griefing and will get you banned from the sim if reports like this comes back to them.

and most of all enjoy the beauty that sim sim offers.

10-50 In Progress

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New from Bueno is the Stash House.  Weather it's to hide your stash, sell your stash or make your stash this is the place for you.  For all your dirty deeds done dirt cheap visit Epiphany for this one of a kind hideout.

The Epiphany event returns with all new gacha things for you to play for and win! How it works is you can turn in your extras for MORE PRIZES!!  Each extra common you turn in gets you 1 point and each rare gets you 3 points, save enough and you’ll can get an exclusive item! 
This event runs from October 12 – November 12, 2015!

Items in photo are Gacha Items:

Stash House Skybox Rare
Silent Gun -  Black or Pink
Stash House -  Crates
Safe - Open Gray or Pink
Meeting Tablet
Space Cakes -  Green or Pink
THC Cupcakes
Thrown Dress/Shoes Black
Joint Box
Merch Scale -  Black or Red
Money Pile  - Bloody, Dirty or Euros
Money Stacks - Bloody or Clean
Safe- Closed Pink
Stolen Artwork
Stolen Jewels
Visit Bueno at Epiphany Gacha Event

Roman is wearing:

Hair - Deadwool Undercut (NEW)
Visit Deadwool

Jacket - Cold Ash- Leather jacket w HUD (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Visit The Mens Dept

Jeans - Deadwool - Worn (NEW)
Visit Deadwool

Boots - Patmos Boots 
Visit Deadwool

Luis is Wearing:

Jacket - Gabriel -  Riders Jacket & Hoody (NEW)
Visit Gabriel

Jeans - Deadwool- Worn (NEW)
Visit Deadwool

Time after time

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On Roman 

Hair - *Dura-Anime*02 HAIR - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Blazer - BlankLine Blazer and tee-shirts (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - [Deadwool] Corduroy pants - M - antracite 

On Belle 

Dress - Thalia Heckroth - Martha Dress in Pebble (NEW)

Hair - Besom - Beso (NEW)

Pose - !bang - your confession (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Modern Nerd 101

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Hair - Besom - Neptune (NEW @ Season's Story for October)

Sweater combo - GizzA - LuLu Sweater with shirt (NEW)

Jeans - SPIRIT - Elysha Ripped Jeans

Bag - BUENO - Chosen pack (NEW @ The Mens Dept)

Black Widow

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Black widow spider deceptive as can be, 
embracing you in her arms while sucking life from thee.

Black widow spider keeps you close by her side, 
now stripped of happiness, hope and pride.

Black widow spider pretends to be your friend, 
if your with her very long, your life will never mend.

Black widow spider takes what she can, 
leaves you worse than she found you, now your half a man.

Black widow spider smiles her pretty smile, 
your poisioned by her beauty, entangled in her vile.

Black widow spider wraps you in her legs, 
takes you down with her, to the deepest dregs.

Oh how cunning and deceptive, this one can be, 
as she laughs her little laugh, while pulling your soul from Thee! 

- Keith Foley

Dress - United Colors - UC Spider Net Dress (NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative)

Mask - United Colors - Immortal Mask - (NEW @ The Mens Dept)

Hair - MINA - Elvira

The Perfect Getaway

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Modern architecture from Scarlet Creative breaks away from cookie-cutter design and traditional aesthetics.
This eclectic home design goes beyond “standard” ideas and instead mixes modernism with finely detailed architecture.
Indulge yourself in natural light that shines through the enlarged windows surrounded by wood, that gives an added touch of cabin. Perfect serenity for fall!
 Now available at The Mens Dept.

Visit The Mens Dept

2015- The Year Corduroy Gets Cool

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Hat - [Deadwool] Bowler hat - brown

Glasses - Adjunct - New Browline Readers - Black

Shirt - [Deadwool] Hugo shirt - denim light 

Watch - *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR white 

Pants - [Deadwool] Corduroy pants - fitted for TMP - antracite (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pose - Le Poppycock - Effortless

Photo Taken at Hesperia of Templemore

Walk With Me

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You will never walk alone because I'll always be with you.
Your Dog

Hair - [Deadwool] Undercut hair - wild - (NEW AT DEADWOOL)

Sunglasses - Redgrave -  Aviator-Pilot

Jacket - BUENO- Fall Jacket- Available in Black, Brown Blue, Gray, Green, Light Brown and Light Gray.  Comes with a texture HUD for the T shirt (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Pants - Mesh - Pants Turner + HUD - REDGRAVE (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Boots - [VALE KOER] THE FORMAL ECCENTRIC - Available in 3 colors and if you get the fatpack the HUD is customizable! (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

German Shepard - This is an avatar and is available for purchase among many other breeds at 


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Hair - *Dura-Boy*57

Skin - Clef de Peau:Marco Skin w TMP Appliers (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beard - DECO - Bandit Beard 

Hoodie - United Colors -  leather sleeveless hoodie

Bracelet - MINIMAL - Neutro Bracelet (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - .Reckless. - Brost  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

8 Ball

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On Belle

Landmark to Tres Chic

Jacket - GizzA - Haley Denim Jacket (NEW)
Landmark to GizzA mainstore

Boots - ::GB:: Gabriel - Lily Boots (NEW)
Landmark to GizzA mainstore

On Roman 

Hair - { Speakeasy ) Jagger Hair (NEW AT THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE)
Landmark to The Liaison Collaborative

Tattoo - Reckless - Brost - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Shirt - Modulus Fenton Shirt - Cool - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Jeans - [Deadwool] Worn out jeans
Fitted for TMP  - medium wash (NEW)
Landmark to [Deadwool]

Dealer Kitchen (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Set props [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Money Bundle Rolled- [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Mountain Bills - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Forest Ashtray - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Consumer Kit - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Money Bundle clean - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen
Phone - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen
Baseball Bat - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Barrel Money - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Chair - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Mortar Pestle - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Powder Mountain - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Jar - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Frame Board - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen 
Mountain Packaging - [NikotiN] - Dealer Kitchen
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Target - Fancy Decor: Framed Target Paper (NEW @ The Mens Dept)
Lamp - Fancy Decor: Chain Lamp (NEW @ The Mens Dept)
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Pose - !bang - to be obliged (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


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Hair - MINA - Laila (NEW special color pack)
Available at the main store for 50%, starting on October 1st.

Head piece - GizzA - Tiara floral - Les Fleurs

Straps - Motivaction [M] - Ballerina Straps in white

Day bed - [ zerkalo ] All White - Couch - PG (NEW)
Basket - [ zerkalo ] All White - Basket
Mirror - [ zerkalo ] All White - Mirror
Clock - [ zerkalo ] All White - Clock