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New from Bueno is the Stash House.  Weather it's to hide your stash, sell your stash or make your stash this is the place for you.  For all your dirty deeds done dirt cheap visit Epiphany for this one of a kind hideout.

The Epiphany event returns with all new gacha things for you to play for and win! How it works is you can turn in your extras for MORE PRIZES!!  Each extra common you turn in gets you 1 point and each rare gets you 3 points, save enough and you’ll can get an exclusive item! 
This event runs from October 12 – November 12, 2015!

Items in photo are Gacha Items:

Stash House Skybox Rare
Silent Gun -  Black or Pink
Stash House -  Crates
Safe - Open Gray or Pink
Meeting Tablet
Space Cakes -  Green or Pink
THC Cupcakes
Thrown Dress/Shoes Black
Joint Box
Merch Scale -  Black or Red
Money Pile  - Bloody, Dirty or Euros
Money Stacks - Bloody or Clean
Safe- Closed Pink
Stolen Artwork
Stolen Jewels
Visit Bueno at Epiphany Gacha Event

Roman is wearing:

Hair - Deadwool Undercut (NEW)
Visit Deadwool

Jacket - Cold Ash- Leather jacket w HUD (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Visit The Mens Dept

Jeans - Deadwool - Worn (NEW)
Visit Deadwool

Boots - Patmos Boots 
Visit Deadwool

Luis is Wearing:

Jacket - Gabriel -  Riders Jacket & Hoody (NEW)
Visit Gabriel

Jeans - Deadwool- Worn (NEW)
Visit Deadwool

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