Black Widow

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Black widow spider deceptive as can be, 
embracing you in her arms while sucking life from thee.

Black widow spider keeps you close by her side, 
now stripped of happiness, hope and pride.

Black widow spider pretends to be your friend, 
if your with her very long, your life will never mend.

Black widow spider takes what she can, 
leaves you worse than she found you, now your half a man.

Black widow spider smiles her pretty smile, 
your poisioned by her beauty, entangled in her vile.

Black widow spider wraps you in her legs, 
takes you down with her, to the deepest dregs.

Oh how cunning and deceptive, this one can be, 
as she laughs her little laugh, while pulling your soul from Thee! 

- Keith Foley

Dress - United Colors - UC Spider Net Dress (NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative)

Mask - United Colors - Immortal Mask - (NEW @ The Mens Dept)

Hair - MINA - Elvira

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