New Sim to Discover!

12:00 PM The SL Registry (Roman Godde) 0 Comments

There is a brand new sim named Kilu that just opened for us to discover.  It is a collaboration between Kimbra Iridescent and Luis Lockjaw who also provide a sim building service.  This sim is a perfect dream escape that Kimbra brought to life.  There are so many beautiful spots for you to explore.  
Photographers and bloggers alike may rez and take photos.  Not many sims allow this anymore but thanks to the kindness of Kimbra who is a blogger herself, she knows how hard it is to find amazing spots for us to use.  In return just tag her or please provide a link so others may discover this amazing place.

Visit Kilu

There are some simple rules that I feel are more than fair.
While you do have rez rights here,  please refrain from rezzing anything else but pose balls.

Please feel free to take nude pics, this is an adult sim after all.

Please do not interfere with others taking pictures, this is called griefing and will get you banned from the sim if reports like this comes back to them.

and most of all enjoy the beauty that sim sim offers.

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