Blind Date 101

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We would like to share the top 10 first dating don'ts of 2015. 
These tips won't get your the girl on their own, but they'll stop you from sinking your own ship.

1. Don't keep checking your phone and make sure you have it on vibrate (nothing is worse than a constant glance at your phone to check the scores of the football game. Let me fill you in, the giants LOST).

2. Don't check out other women (unless you have a death wish).

3. Don't ever expect her to pay (unless you don't get paid on Friday and it's only Tuesday night because it's cheap movie night and really it still doesn't matter because you don't have money for another 3 days!).

4. Don't talk about yourself all night (girls like to talk about themselves a lot so keep your boring life stories about gaming to a minimum).

5. Don't take her to a cheap restaurant (keep your eye out for those sushi coupons in the mail where you buy 1, get 1).

And from a guys point of view...

6.  Don't act like you only want a salad and I see you eyeing my steak like there is a half price sale at Mac cosmetics.  Be your self, men love when a woman doesn't give a shit what others think. 

7.  Don't talk about your ex boyfriend half the night.  Just give him a call and let us say hi instead. 

8.  Don't tell us "I just want to fall in love with someone like right now" 

9.  Don't be overly slutty. We want one in bed, not in the streets.  

10.  Don't meet at an abandoned golf course.. that's code for murder

On Him:

Hat - Remarkable Oblivion - The Beanie - Cake (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Sunglasses - Redgrave - Shooter

Necklace - Kunst - Rockstar Necklace (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Cardigan - F.A.T. - Marlon Coat includes cardigan

On Her:

Jacket - Addams - Janis Winter Coat (NEW AT THE MAIN STORE)

Skirt - Addams - Sonia Pleated Skirt with Panties

Hair - Besom - Neptune

Photo taken at Cafe Rosewater

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