New Release From [Sau]

6:21 PM The SL Registry (Roman Godde) 0 Comments

The greatest bike on the grid is now available...

Phantom is a 2 seated tour cruiser with a lots of features, texture sets,sound sets, and good controlling and low lag.

You can check the full feature DEMO in world in sau sim,feel free to come and take a look!

Comes with Garage kit(Hamster energy vending machine ,bike cover, bike lift, tent,coffee mug,bike stand, billboard etc) 
Comes with a pair of original short combat boots. 
Comes with [sau]pickup truck and Christmas version for a limited time. 
Comes with bike cover designed for [sau]Phantom

Materials enabled.Projection lighting enabled. 
8 Themes, Over 20 rendered color parts textures.  Seamless animation sets 
2 custom made sound sets. 
Physic shell,Low-lag,Low-graphic ram usage,High quality

You cant beat that...

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