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The first round of  Monsieur Chic Starts February 1.  Monsieur Chic is a men's fashion event brought to you by David Heather and Xin, This event will only take place twice a year. Monsieur Chic focuses on men's high fashion apparel, accessories, furniture, hair, and shoes. 

Fancy Decor for Monsieur Chic 
Desk - Adler Desk
Lamp -  White/Gold Desk Lamp
Office supplies
Tape dispenser  
B&W Rug
Wall Studs
Adler Shelf
Bracket Bookends
Stacked Boxes

Camera Tripod - Tartessos Arts

Hanging Film Cameras - Toro 


Suit - [Deadwool] Peak suit - exclusive at Monsieur Chic

Glasses - EPIA - 'Rolmaster' Glasses 

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Skin - Clef de Peau - Joseph - (NEW AT MENS ONLY MONTHLY) 
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The Hunting Grounds

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Rug - Ariskea[Suren] Fake Fur Rug (NEW AT Kustom9)

Pouf - Ariskea[Nordica] Grey Pouf (NEW AT Kustom9)

House - Trompe Loeil - Huron Cove Cottage 
Landmark to Collabor88

Eider Collection - Trompe Loeil  (NEW AT UBER)
Trompe Loeil - Eider Chair + Pillow PG 
Trompe Loeil - Eider Branch Table
Trompe Loeil - Eider Chair PG
Trompe Loeil - Eider Cabinet Tall
Trompe Loeil - Eider Industrial Lamp Medium
Trompe Loeil - Eider Wall Art Cars
Trompe Loeil - Eider Wall Art Blueprints

Kalopsia - Bright 'n' Boho Skull Lamp RARE (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

Apt B // It's a Hipster Thing Bottle (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

[ zerkalo ] Memories - Books1

[NikotiN]  Lumberjack Ashtray (V.5)

Puppy - [sau] Tooldog[1]


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Gym Bag - Tartessos Arts Gym Punch Bag -  Available in a floor, wall and hanging version with color change 

On Roman


Tattoo - Prodigy Ink - Cyber Punk (NEW AT MENS ONLY MONTHLY)

Facial Hair - Unorthodox

Tank Top - SWaGGa- Tank Top TMP version Comes with HUD for different tank top choices, pulled up, down or halfway worn. 

Sweats - ExcellencE - Pants (NEW AT MENS ONLY MONTHLY)
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Pose - XXY - Attitude - (NEW AT MENS ONLY MONTHLY)
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Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

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"Heres to champagne wishes and caviar dreams"

Compulsion - Fairlight house 
Landmark to Compulsion Drive

Trompe Loeil - Odette Planter Square Brown
Trompe Loeil - Odette Topiary 10 Tall Scripted OO
Trompe Loeil - Odette Topiary 13 Rabbit
Landmark to Trompe Loeil

:Fanatik Architecture: Dark Rock 5
Landmark to Fanatik

*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]
Landmark to Alirium

Landmark to Surplus Motors

Cabin in the woods

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When the world becomes too much and you are in need of respite from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Find your own quiet corner in the mountains in 
Hive's newly released mesh house called
"Cabin in the woods". 

Hive // cabin in the woods (NEW AT WAYWARD EVENT)
Landmark to Wayward Events

Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel Tee
Landmark to Skye

New CaTwa Mesh Head

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Catwa has the Jackson mesh head which extremely well done.  It comes with a HUD that has facial expressions which I thought was awesome. Anything to add a bit more realism to our surreal world. You can pause the expressions if you are shooting a photograph as well.
It also comes with a separate HUD for the head, beard, teeth and neck.  You can even choose the type of body you have to make the neck fit seamlessly.  
The head doesn't come with it's own skin layer but you can pick one up at the Skinnery which is what I am wearing now.  Its called Hugh and is amazingly detailed. There are a bunch of different skin tones for you to pick up there.  I am wearing their buttermilk version.  In addition you can get the matching body applier from L’Etre skins.  I am wearing that with my TMP body and I think I may just keep that one on.  Very well detailed.  
For those designers out there, Catwa has a free developers kit available at the store or on the marketplace.
You can pick up the demo for free or purchase it for $3599. 

Head - Catwa - Jackson (NEW FROM CATWA)

Eyes - Ikon - Hope Eyes

Skin - The Skinnery - Hugh-  Catwa Skin applier (NEW)

Body Skin Applier - Le'Etre -Buttermilk (NEW)


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Come a little closer, papi
let me whisper in your ear. 
Let me tell it to you softly, 
So that no one else will hear. 
What I have to say is private, 
and is just between us two; 
just want you, to know how much, 
I love the things you do

On Him:

Hair- Unorthodox Raw Braids and TMP applier (NEW)
Landmark to Unorthodox

Skin - Clef de Peau -   Phil Head TMP Applier (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

Eyebrows - Clef De Peau V.20 (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

Scar - Clef de Peau - (FEATURED)

Beard - Clef De Peau - v.6 (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

On Her:

Hair - MINA - Chloe (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

Rings - Kibitz - Olzen Ring Set (NEW AT KUSTOM9)
Compatible with Maitreya & Slink 

Return of The Tighty Whities

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Admit it the last time you wore tighty whities was in middle school and they where bunched up in your failed attempt at skinny jeans.  It's OK though, they have been re invented, no one will give you a wedgie and your a grown man.  Your a boxers kind of guy? Lets talk a bit about the difference, and find out what women want to see you in or out of, while we are at it.  

Lets start with boxers.  They are the free balling, air circulating simplest form of mens underwear.  Think of them are as the brown lunch bag.   If  they are too loose fitting it looks like your wearing adult diapers.  Not sexy.  Also there is no support for the buys.  They like to be kept in a corral otherwise they will try to make a run for it down the side of your leg.  For the well endowed man, boxers are usually not the weapon of choice.  The good news is, with boxers you have air flow.  You will feel less restricted and there is a myth out there that it helps improve sperm count.

Now let's talk about what I'm wearing briefs.  The tighty whities, the manties, the banana hammock, drawers, butt huggers, or nut huts.  The main difference is they provide support in all the right areas without feeling to restricted.  In my opinion to pull briefs off (no pun intended), you should be in  pretty good shape.  I say pretty good, because.. well you just imagine it.  Moving on.. unlike boxers, briefs really offer little to the imagination.  What you see is right there for you.  There's no hiding your baby carrot or your giant cucumber.  

Either way, what feels best and supports or doesn't support your package is entirely up to you.  Or your wife.  So either hit the gym  to work your way to briefs or free ball and wear your boxers.. just don't wear them with sweatpants..

Skin - Clef de Peau - Jonas  - Treasure trail shown  (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Hair - [monso] My Hair - Soul (NEW)

Jewelry - Mandala - Lustful 

Briefs - [SWaGGa] Briefs Standard fits TMP (NEW)

Big Brother is Watching You

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On Him:

Beanie - [monso] - My Vintage Beanie - Black
Shirt - Pumpkin - Basic tee (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Tattoo - Speakeasy - Elu Tattoo (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)
Sneakers - Playoff Dunks - Unisex with tons of customizable surfaces
On Her:

Hair with hat including - Besom - Roulette
Leggings - Spirit - Welosa Leggings 

Sneaks - [Vale Koer] Playoff Dunks (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Spray cans set - Toro -.Street Art Prop set {With animations} 
Landmark to The Mens Dept

Photo taken at Templemore
Landmark to Hisperia of Templemore

All Lives Matter

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I,  Roman Godde do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will be alert and vigilant to enforce the criminal laws of this State; that I will not be influenced in any matter on account of personal bias or prejudice; that I will faithfully and impartially execute the duties of my office as a law enforcement officer according to the best of my skill, abilities, and judgment; so help me, God.

And to this day I still mean it.
All Lives Matter

Special guest appearance by MeetMeinSpace Resident! Thank you!

The unisex Police Uniform comes with the following features: 
    ♦ Fully HUD-controllable. Simply left-click the HUD buttons to control various options.
    ♦ Shirt colors can be changed to black, brown, navy, gray, olive, light blue, tan, and white. 
    ♦ Pants colors can be changed to black, brown, navy, dark gray, olive and tan.
    ♦ Button colors can be changed to black, navy, gray, gold, olive, tan, light blue and white.
    ♦ Uniform scripts can be remotely removed through HUD. 
    ♦ Visibility of (epia) collar pin, police department patches, and sergeant chevrons can be individually toggled.
    ♦ High quality mesh- and texture work.
    ♦ 3 Standard Sizes for male AND female included (S, M, and L).
    ♦ Alpha layers included.
    ♦ Comes copy & modify! - This means you can add your own patches!

The unisex Duty Belt come with the following features: 
    ♦ Flashlight: left-click or type /1flashlight to toggle light and holding animation. 
    ♦ Handcuffs (functional): Cuff other residents when close enough (within 2.5m range). Great for role play! (This works only if the other resident accepts the permissions dialog)
    ♦ Hide gun and holster through menu and place your own choice of weaponry.
    ♦ High quality mesh- and texture work. 
    ♦ Male and female belt shapes!
    ♦ Comes both modify and copy.

The unisex Duty Boots (Not Shown) come with the following features: 
    ♦ Fully HUD-controllable. Simply left-click the HUD buttons to control size and textures. 
    ♦ 8 custom boot and laces textures (black, gray, brown, tan, red, navy, olive, and pink) and 4 clips textures (black, silver, dark silver and gold) to go with any outfit.
    ♦ Boot scripts can be remotely removed through HUD. 
    ♦ High quality mesh- and texture work. 
    ♦ Re-sizable by both HUD and manually. (Comes copy & modify!)

Police Officer Uniform - (epia) - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Look of The Day

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Topiaries & Planters - Trompe Loeil - Odette Planter Square Brown (NEW AT FAMESHED)

Dog - SAU - Tooldog - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

On Roman 
 Sweater - Cold Ash - DAYTON Sweater w/SHIRT (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

 Jeans - Deadwool - Worn out jeans - fitted for TMP  - dark wash 

On Belle

Shirt - Native Knit Sweater (NEW AT FAMESHED)

Vest - F.A.T. Silas Unisex Fur Vest (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Jeans - Spirit - Elysha Ripped Jeans (AT THE MAINSTORE)

Boots - [Vale Koer] - Lumbertrail Boots (NEW AT UBer)

Hair - MINA - Anais 

 Photo taken at Hesperia of Templemore

Top 5 Ways to Get Out of Housework

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Housework sucks.  We all have to do it, even me. I stick to the manly things like hanging a picture or setting up any electronic item in the house or washing the car.  That counts right? But when your wife, girlfriend or significant other sees right through your getting out of housework plot.  I've come up with a few valid reasons to get the wife at bay. 

5. "I saw a spider where the vacuum cleaner is" 

4.  "We should spend more time together"

3.  "I'm waiting for a call from my boss and I won't hear the phone if I'm vacuuming." 

2. Fake a seizure

1.  "OK, I'll start by walking the dog.  Then walk the dog and go work on your bike, make sure you keep the dog with you."

Dogs - [sau] - Tooldogs - Mechanic and Flying Tiger (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Bike - Sau - Nemesis - Classic 

Tool box - Sau

Gas Pump - Junk - red

On Roman:

Hair - Ink - Ange (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Necklace -  Lapointe & BastChild - Shark Tooth - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Tattoo - Speakeasy - Oya   includes appliers for Omega, Slink and TMP (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)Visit The Mens Dept

Pants -  Benjaminz - Classic Denim with back pocket bandanna and keys (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Boots - Vale Koer - Lumbertrail Unisex.  Can be laced up or loosened and available with 15 different textures! - (NEW AT UBER) 

Photo taken at the Missing Mile Sim


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.Sometimes less is more.

Necklace - MINIMAL - Hook Necklace GoldRose 

The Ultimate Home

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The key to making a house a home, is by blending fashion with function.
A comfy couch to curl up on, a work space to blog items from your favorite designers, a bed fit for a queen. Keep it neutral so you can easily add pops of color with your duvet, pillows and accent chair.
Add different textures and silhouettes to create a space that reflects your personal style.

The newest edition from Tartessos Arts is now available.

From Left to right

TA Infinity Couch

TA Infinity Bag Set

TA Infinity Desk

TA Ultimate Laptop

TA Infinity Desk Lamp

TA Infinity Desk Chair

TA Infinity Shoes Set

TA Infinity Palm

TA Infinity Chair

TA Happiness Wall Art

TA Infinity Lamp

TA Infinity Bed Table

TA Infinity Alarm Clock

TA Infinity Wall Lamp

TA Infinity Wall Decor

TA Infinity Bed

N4RS Sense Chandelier - Brass

TA Infinity Pouffe

TA Bamboo and Frames

TA Infinity Dracaena Plant

TA Infinity Stand Speaker

TA Infinity Sideboard

TA Infinity Photo Set

TA Infinity Wall Clock

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