New CaTwa Mesh Head

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Catwa has the Jackson mesh head which extremely well done.  It comes with a HUD that has facial expressions which I thought was awesome. Anything to add a bit more realism to our surreal world. You can pause the expressions if you are shooting a photograph as well.
It also comes with a separate HUD for the head, beard, teeth and neck.  You can even choose the type of body you have to make the neck fit seamlessly.  
The head doesn't come with it's own skin layer but you can pick one up at the Skinnery which is what I am wearing now.  Its called Hugh and is amazingly detailed. There are a bunch of different skin tones for you to pick up there.  I am wearing their buttermilk version.  In addition you can get the matching body applier from L’Etre skins.  I am wearing that with my TMP body and I think I may just keep that one on.  Very well detailed.  
For those designers out there, Catwa has a free developers kit available at the store or on the marketplace.
You can pick up the demo for free or purchase it for $3599. 

Head - Catwa - Jackson (NEW FROM CATWA)

Eyes - Ikon - Hope Eyes

Skin - The Skinnery - Hugh-  Catwa Skin applier (NEW)

Body Skin Applier - Le'Etre -Buttermilk (NEW)

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