Return of The Tighty Whities

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Admit it the last time you wore tighty whities was in middle school and they where bunched up in your failed attempt at skinny jeans.  It's OK though, they have been re invented, no one will give you a wedgie and your a grown man.  Your a boxers kind of guy? Lets talk a bit about the difference, and find out what women want to see you in or out of, while we are at it.  

Lets start with boxers.  They are the free balling, air circulating simplest form of mens underwear.  Think of them are as the brown lunch bag.   If  they are too loose fitting it looks like your wearing adult diapers.  Not sexy.  Also there is no support for the buys.  They like to be kept in a corral otherwise they will try to make a run for it down the side of your leg.  For the well endowed man, boxers are usually not the weapon of choice.  The good news is, with boxers you have air flow.  You will feel less restricted and there is a myth out there that it helps improve sperm count.

Now let's talk about what I'm wearing briefs.  The tighty whities, the manties, the banana hammock, drawers, butt huggers, or nut huts.  The main difference is they provide support in all the right areas without feeling to restricted.  In my opinion to pull briefs off (no pun intended), you should be in  pretty good shape.  I say pretty good, because.. well you just imagine it.  Moving on.. unlike boxers, briefs really offer little to the imagination.  What you see is right there for you.  There's no hiding your baby carrot or your giant cucumber.  

Either way, what feels best and supports or doesn't support your package is entirely up to you.  Or your wife.  So either hit the gym  to work your way to briefs or free ball and wear your boxers.. just don't wear them with sweatpants..

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Hair - [monso] My Hair - Soul (NEW)

Jewelry - Mandala - Lustful 

Briefs - [SWaGGa] Briefs Standard fits TMP (NEW)

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