The Artistry of Birds

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Anc Ltd has released a beautiful creation exclusively for the next round of The Arcade.  The Arcade opens up June 1 and is one not to be missed!

Forget | Decor
L$50 per play • 19 to collect (3 rare)
Perms: Modify/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh

Island Life at The Arcade

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Set in a seaside build that evokes the whimsical feel of the penny arcades of early 1900’s Coney Island and Brighton Pier, The Arcade strives to present a nostalgic atmosphere that will welcome an audience seeking great gachas, and continue to be a favorite destination for photographers and vintage architecture enthusiasts

The next highly anticipated round of The Arcade opens June 1!

Save this landmark to The Arcade!

Ariskea[Paradise] Hut  RARE
Ariskea[Paradise] Floatie [Watermelon] RARE
Ariskea[Paradise] Tropical Drinks [Sex On the Beach]
Ariskea[Paradise] Floatie [Ananas] RARE
Ariskea[Paradise] Tropical Plant
Ariskea[Paradise] Sheer Curtain[1]
Ariskea[Paradise] Ground Lamp [1]
Ariskea[Paradise] Hanger Chair[Couple Version]
Ariskea[Paradise] Upon the Sea Wood frame
Ariskea[Paradise] Swing Wood
Ariskea[Paradise] Candle Wall
Ariskea[Paradise] Gold Table

[LJ] Surfy Snacks - Watermelon Platter

[ keke ] sticks w lace
[ keke ] beers on ice RARE
[ keke ] beach chair - blue
[ keke ] candles in a pot

Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation - Buckets of Candles
Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation - Palette Table

JIAN Beach Corgis :: Drink Cooler RARE
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Beach Towel RARE
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Beach Towel RARE

AITUI - Beach Bag - Pink Sunrise (Previous Arcade Item) :: RARE


Memorial Day Celebration

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Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.  Lest we forget our heroes who have and still are fighting for our freedom. So we celebrate it with friends, family, good food & memories on this weekend, so please stay safe & drink responsibly!
From your friends at The SL Registry! 

Madpea - Mad Hot Summer Party (NEW AT THE ARCADE JUNE 2016)
Landmark to The Arcade
Mad Hot Summer Party - Party Table
Mad Hot Summer Party - Sandwich Bites, tarts, cake pops, veggie plate, fruit plate & boat, utensils, dice, plates, meat on a stick, baguette, Mad Cola cans & soda bottles, nachos, plastic cups
Mad Hot Summer Party - Lawn dummies
Mad Hot Summer Party - Rook
Mad Hot Summer Party - Chessboard
Mad Hot Summer Party - Balloons
Mad Hot Summer Party - Hula Hoops
Mad Hot Summer Party - Napkins & straws
Mad Hot Summer Party - Ladder Back Chair
Mad Hot Summer Party - Pool
Mad Hot Summer Party - Radio RARE
Mad Hot Summer Party - Ring Toss
Mad Hot Summer Party - Lanterns
Mad Hot Summer Party - Dice
Mad Hot Summer Party - Pinata RARE

Umbrella - Trompe Loeil - Keliana Umbrella (Free)
Blanket - Trompe Loeil - Keliana Sunbathing Towel B PG
Landmark to Trompe Loeil

{what next} Under the Stars Gacha 
Landmark to The Arcade
{what next} Under The Stars Bar V1 
{what next} Mini Cheeseburgers 
{what next} Under The Stars Lawn Chair 
{what next} Little Barbeque 
{what next} Bar Drinks Tray
{what next} Bar Sign 
{what next} Garden Table 

N4RS - Beach Lovers Decor 
Landmark to N4RS 
N4RS Pool Float - PG
N4RS Beach Ball
N4RS Flip Flops M 

[PM]Pixel Mode - Classic Kidney Shape Pool
Landmark to [PM] Pixel Mode

Puppy - JIAN :: Silly Shibes - Companion Pup (Sesame)
Landmark to JIAN

U L T R A™ Shopping Event

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The U L T R A™ round for May is a huge hit!
 Roman Godde of The SL Registry™ in collaboration with Bad Unicorn are proud to present a brand new event called,  U L T R A™ Event, that will commence on May 15 to June 15, 2016 and every other month there after. 

A fascinating cluster of shops flanking a modern one of a kind central atrium promenade, rich with Palm Springs charm. A total of 35 elite Second Life designers & creators will offer a truly unusual array of fashion, furnishings and all things from antique to contemporary.

The U L T R A™ Event will showcase the products and services available from the most prestigious luxury brands across the grid, which include men's and women's fashion, luxury automobiles, real estate, fine jewelry, mesh avatars, animations, skins, hair, accessories, furnishings, home and garden and much more.

For connoisseurs seeking the very best and the latest that Second life has to offer, The U L T R A™ Event is the essential one stop luxury resource

Loft Living: Small Space, Big Style

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Despite its small space, loft living can absolutely guarantee a sophisticated kitchen, large floor to ceiling windows with an eclectic living room. This open space yet simplistic floor plan is ideal for those wanting to living a minimalist lifestyle.

~BAZAR~London Skyhome
~BAZAR~Beatles wall tattoo

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Eggshell Chair Red

GOOSE - Lagare coffee table
GOOSE - Lagare Sofa PG
GOOSE - Lagare single sofa
GOOSE - Lagare frame art
GOOSE - Lagare Steel support lamp

Toro. To-go Bagel
Toro. BIKER SALLY Arcade Machine
Toro. WARIO BROS Arcade Machine

[IDEZA Furniture] - Candelstick
[IDEZA Furniture] - Drunkhill Ashtray
[IDEZA Furniture] - Underground Map
[IDEZA Furniture] - Tube Stool Blue

*YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Hood
*YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Shelf
*YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Stool 02
*YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Table
*YS&YS* Holborn Kitchen Bowls
*YS&YS* Holborn Fridge

All items can be found at 6 Republic Event

The World Is Yours

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The first anniversary of 6º Republic is officially open.  Its an amazing home and garden event that features various themes.  The theme this year is New York vs London.  
The event is open from May 6 to May 20. 

From Left to right:

hive // repurposed silo bar

hive // forgotten old car

hive // words is yours sign [non-blinking version]

5 Reasons to Visit The Mens Dept

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Want this look?
Here are 5 reasons to visit the May round of The Mens Dept

1.  Skin - Clef de Peau - Colton w eyebrows  TMP Applier(NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

2.  Hair - Modulus - Brooklyn Hair (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

3.  Pose - Le Poppycock-The Cynic (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


5.  [ kunst ] - Sentinel cuff & watch (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beard - Unorthodox - Choppa beard (NEW)

How To Dress For A Casual Dinner

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When hubby comes home and asks what's for dinner, your response is "today is not the day, we're going out!", what do you wear?
He can easily slip into a pair of jeans, a shirt without stains on it and a casual camel colored jacket. Camel is a color that is trendy any season. Step into a pair of casual shoes, perhaps the same camel color as the jacket (girls dig when you can match your clothes).
For the ladies, it's a little easier. Clothing can be very versatile. We can go from day to night in a matter of minutes. Under that suit jacket, a light and airy top is most likely what you had under there. Take off the jacket, let your hair loose OR throw on a cute hat! Voila! Ready in minutes!

On Him:

Hair - *Dura-Boy*68 HAIR (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beard - Unorthodox - Choppa 

Sunglasses - Redgrave -GunShoot

Jacket - Sleepy Eddy #S/S Chesterfield Coat (Orange)

Jeans - INVICTUS - Rock Jeans 


Pose - Le Poppycock - Deviltry

On Her:


Top - Gabriel - Long Ribbon Camisole (Shiny Shabby for April)
Pants Gabriel - Tight Harem Pants (Shiny Shabby for April)

Purse - // SEUL // Mini Loop Shoulder Bag in Camel

Pose - { Nantra } - KK 2 Walk

Photo taken at St. Pete City

5 Reasons Why We Should Wear Sunscreen

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5. Leather skin - no one wants to look like a dried up prune on purpose.

4. Orange - before you decide to bake yourself in the sun, beware that you will turn ORANGE before you turn to leather, which is the 3 step process to leather handbag skin.

3. On a serious note, it's a well known fact that basking in the sun without sunscreen can lead to several diseases such as skin cancer, melonoma, Lupus... must I go on?

2. You age faster. When your peers who have taken wearing sunscreen seriously, look like they're 30, when in actuality they are in their late 40s, you will always be asked if you want the seniors menu at Ihop.

1. Did I mention leather skin?

Fortunately for some of us in Secondlife, we do not have to worry as we are parked in front of our computers rambling on about the importance of sunscreen in our climate controlled well shaded homes.

On Him:

Skin - Clef de Peau - Justin - (NEW AT SHINY SHABBY)

Hair - Unorthodox - Choppa Hair & Beard (NEW)

Tattoo - Prodigy Ink - Beckham 

On Her:

Visit Gacha Garden

Bikini - Blueberry - Peach Bikini (NEW AT KUSTOM9)
Visit Kustom9

Braceletes - Empyrean Forge - Ankara Bracelet Right - Gold (NEW)
Visit Empyrean Forge

Pool - Trompe Loeil - Keliana Pool PG
Loungers - Trompe Loeil - Keliana Lounger Black+ Towel PG
Trompe Loeil - Keliana Lounger White+ Towel PG
Umbrella - Trompe Loeil - Keliana Umbrella FREE - FaMESHed Birthday Gift
Visit FaMESHed

Trees - Little Branch - BeachPalm
Visit the Marketplace