5 Reasons Why We Should Wear Sunscreen

6:26 PM The SL Registry (Roman Godde) 0 Comments

5. Leather skin - no one wants to look like a dried up prune on purpose.

4. Orange - before you decide to bake yourself in the sun, beware that you will turn ORANGE before you turn to leather, which is the 3 step process to leather handbag skin.

3. On a serious note, it's a well known fact that basking in the sun without sunscreen can lead to several diseases such as skin cancer, melonoma, Lupus... must I go on?

2. You age faster. When your peers who have taken wearing sunscreen seriously, look like they're 30, when in actuality they are in their late 40s, you will always be asked if you want the seniors menu at Ihop.

1. Did I mention leather skin?

Fortunately for some of us in Secondlife, we do not have to worry as we are parked in front of our computers rambling on about the importance of sunscreen in our climate controlled well shaded homes.

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