Farmers Market At The Arcade

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The Arcade also has Player Rewards in which you will be able to win a special reward item automatically from selected gacha machines. Participating machines will have reward prizes, proudly displayed next to their machines in a beautiful, golden frame. On the 25th play, you will be automatically presented with a no transfer reward and gacha prize. Act fast, though! These items are only available during this Arcade round and will immediately be retired after it closes!
Take a look around the venue, there are new and fun things each event. The Arcade decor include concessions by Azure Electricteeth, Maylee Oh and Sho Kenin. These are located in the concession stand created by Kaz Nayar. Souvenir plates, mugs, pin lanyards and balloons by Allegory Malaprop. These are located on a cart near the front entrance along with some Arcade t-shirts that are for all sizes (even kids!)
    A beautiful, specially commissioned fountain installation, created by Cory Edo of Trompe L’oeil, has been added to the landing area at the end of The Arcade’s pier. On it will be all the names of those who have chosen to become a Friend of The Arcade. This is a permanent, new feature of The Arcade region. Visit The Arcade's official website for more information:

Decor from Left to right
Trees - Little Branch  - MysticOak {4Seasons} (NEW)
Pick up truck - [Con.] Stepside Pick-up - Rusty Gold RARE (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)
Basketball hoop - hive // forgotten basketball hoop (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Shed - hive // the old shed RARE (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Farmers Market Sign - hive // broken farmer's market sign (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

Stands - Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - Shabby Stands (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Old Barn - hive // the old barn RARE (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Barn Lamp - hive // barn lamp (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Chicken Coop - 07_8f8 - New Beginnings - Chicken Coop (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)
Chicks - {anc} happyendpark. color little chick (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)
Chicken - 15_8f8 - New Beginnings - Hen Spot (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)
Inside signs - hive // bin of signs (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
More Chickens - 18_8f8 - New Beginnings - Hen Set (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)

Labradors in bed - JIAN Lively Labs :: Family Bed (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Water can - Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - Watering Pot (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Dinner Bell - hive // dinner bell [rusty red] (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Soil Bag - Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - Soil bag & Scoop (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Bins - hive // spare bins (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Tree Stump - hive // hay hooks (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Pig Sign - hive // lighted piggie (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Washboard - junk. dirty washboard.(NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Wash tub - hive // wash tub [rusted] (NEW AT THE ARCADE)
Clothes line - hive // Forgotten Clothes Line (NEW AT THE ARCADE)

No Clothes Beyond This Point

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New from Tartessos Arts:

TA Holidays Sand Castle
TA Summertime Float Ring - Type 4
TA Summertime Towel
TA Summertime Lotion Set
TA Summertime Beach Tote
TA Paella Set
TA Summertime Beach Decor
TA Summertime Sign
TA Summertime Breakwind
TA Stand Surboard
TA Holidays Surfboard Rack
TA Holidays Beach Chair
TA Holidays Cooler
TA Summertime Magazines
TA Holidays Side Table
TA Holidays Parasol
TA Summertime Shower

Building - Scarlet Creative Carnaval 2 - (previous Luxe Box item)

On Her:

Hair - MINA - Therese (NEW AT WHIMSICAL)

 Tan Lines - Agapee - Lisa Tan Line (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

On Him:
Skin  - The Mesh Project 

Tattoo - Beckham -  Prodigy Ink

Special Appearance:

JIAN Beach Corgis :: Companion (Sable)

3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Curls

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1. Curls will save you time & money! Ladies with naturally curly hair know how long it takes  to straighten out your tresses and if you live in a hot climate like myself, you know the second that heat hits your curly hair BAM! Frizzy Central! Plus the cost of smoothing products is insane! Girl, you know you can't buy those target brands, they just don't cut it!

2. In order to maintain your healthy curly locks and have beautiful hair that will last you a life time, put down that straightening iron! It will only dry out your hair!

3. Curls make you stand out from the herd! Wild sexy cool & fun!! 
Embrace your crazy spice and dare to stand out!

Head - Catwa - Helen 

Skin - Amara Beauty - Kat in honey

Eyes - Ikon Hope Eyes in brown

Hair - Analog Dog - Proud Mary (NEW AT HAIROLOGY)

Braceletes - Kibitz - Tara (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

Rings - Kibitz - Milan (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

Necklace & earrings set - Remarkable Oblivion - Crescent Set (NEW AT KUSTOM9)

The Only Tank Top You'll Need

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If your going to wear a tank top, know that there is a right way and a wrong wear to wear one without looking like a third grader.  
1. Don't wear your undershirt out in public.  Wear that in the house or when your going to bed.  When your in public, dress like your in public.
2. The tank top should be slim cut, not skin tight that it cuts into underarms. 
3. There are other colors other than white (see #1)
4. Wear a solid color or something that has stripes.  Everyone once in a while thrown in a graphic tank top but if you aren't sure what to wear it with see rule #1
Enjoy the rest summer

Want this look?

Necklace - [ kunst ] - Cross Necklace - (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Watch - [Deadwool] Nuvolari chronograph - white dial(NEW)

Hat - HX: Black Sneaky Curved Caps (Silver Pins) (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Facial Hair - Unorthodrox- groomed

Tattoo - Prodigy Ink - Beckham - (FEATURED) 
Visit Prodigy Ink

Pose - Smoke and Bone - (FEATURED)
Visit Le Poppycock

New House by Trompe L'oeil

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The warmth of summer leads to thoughts of Tuscan hills, with gentle breezes that wander across the tiled patio and carry the scent of the ocean - the Xaviera Villa and matching Lounger at Collabor88 August are waiting for you!

House - Trompe Loeil - Xaviera Villa & Lounger (NEW AT COLLABOR88)

The Xaviera Villa is a versatile escape - use just the Villa model, or the Villa + Pool PG for the full experience. Artisan tiled flooring, wood and marble archways, animated pool for singles and couples in your choice of maturities, privacy windows, locking doors, exterior lights (including accent lighting in the fountains), and our *home control center rounds out this luxurious retreat. Plus, the Xaviera Lounger is your oasis in the sun! With fabric awning and room for two in your choice of maturities, it's made to look great on your Xaviera Villa patio. Check them out at this month's birthday round of Collabor88!

Trompe Loeil - Rock Outdoor Shower Plants
Trompe Loeil - Odette Topiary 11 Tri-Ball Lit
Trompe Loeil - Odette Topiary 13 Rabbit Lit
Items Available at the main store:

{what next} Lucia  Potted Olive Tree

Ariskea[Nordica]  Hybrid Roses Cherry

Flowers & trees - Little Branch - FlowersBed{Daisy}
Little Branch - Bouton d'or Pink{Field}
Little Branch - Bouton d'or Yellow{Field}
Little Branch - Bananas{Mesh}
Little Branch - SpringBrize.v3

:Fanatik Architecture: Dark Rock 2

*House has been modified*


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Joker: Would you die for me?
Quinn: Yes
Joker: No,no,no  That's too easy...Would you live for me?

Hair - Action Inkubator HAIR Louis

Skin -  ^^Swallow^^ Joker- Suicide Squad Skin TMP Applier

Tuxedo - [Deadwool] Peak suit (tux) - jacket and pants - black

Car - Surplus Motors - Aventador 

Pose which includes bat- Nantra - Come On  Puddin
Visit Nantra

On Her:

Skin - Belleza - Mila in pale
Landmark to Belleza

Hair - [RA] Runway - Harley Hair

Choker & Cuffs - Little Bones Gacha
Landmark to Little Bones

Holster - SAYO - Loaded Holster - Smoke 
Landmark to SAYO

Panties -  Blueberry & Grixdale - Madcap - Pantie 
Top -  Blueberry & Grixdale - Madcap - Tattered Top 

Landmark to [Vale Koer]

The Division

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It's either kill or be killed....

Mask - TonkTastic - Combat Mask (AVAILABLE AT THE MAIN STORE)

Shirt - TonkTastic - Commando Shirt 2.0 (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT - AUGUST ROUND)

Pose - Le Poppycock *Lawless* Deviltry (Gun) (AVAILABLE AT THE MAIN STORE)

How to Wear Shorts on a Date

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Its Summer, it's hot but we still need to go on dates.  Want to wear shorts and know how to wear them? I can help you with that with these simple rules.  
1.   Don't wear anything that resembles sweats, basketball shorts, or swim trunks.  
2.  Don't wear shorts that are too long that you look like a slob or anything short that you look like once again your going to the beach.  An inch or two above the knee is classic.
3.  Hopefully you have strong looking legs.  When your date has bigger legs than you, its time to work on your calves.  
4.  No plaid. Aint no body wants to see plaid ever again in shorts.  Unless your a lesbian and play softball.  
5.   Dress comfortable so you can really enjoy yourself but yet still bring your A game,  By following these rules your date will definitely delete her tinder profile and stick with you. 


Amala - Drinks Cooler - Red (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)

Raft - Trompe Loeil - Afton Raft (NEW AT UBER)
Trompe Loeil - Afton Barrel Open
Trompe Loeil - Afton Suitcase Stack
Trompe Loeil - Afton Chair PG
Trompe Loeil - Afton Bedroll PG
Visit Trompe Loeil at Uber

PFC~Vagabond - lantern (PREVIOUS ARCADE ITEM)


Visit No.Match

Shirt - [Deadwool] Fletcher tee (NEW AT MONSIEUR CHIC)
Visit Deadwool at Monsieur Chic
Shorts - [Deadwool] Bounty shorts (NEW AT MONSIEUR CHIC)
Visit Deadwool at Monsieur Chic

Tattoo - Reckless - 1955 (NEW AT UBER)
Visit Reckless at UBER


Visit Wasabi at UBER

Visit Gizza

Visit Versov at U L T R A

BRACELET - [ kunst ] - Summer bracelets
Visit Kunst

RINGS - [ kunst ] - Coconut rings 
Visit Kunst

Visit Catwa


Guest Apperance:

Floyd - Basset Hound Sitting - Mesh