4 Rules Every Stylish Couple Should Follow

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In order to be a successful couple in Secondlife, there are some rules you must follow. So here goes:

1. Never be afraid to let your partner take center stage. Whether you're dating an event owner, photographer, designer, singer whatever the case may be, be prepared to get the " oh and you're so and so's wife".... "yes.. yes I am".

2. Match colors, not textures. This is a rule that I know most guys will roll their eyes at, but it is a very important unspoken rule of thumb. Color coordinating with your spouse is crucial in case the perfect opportunity to take a selfie or snapchat arises.

And on a more serious note....

3. Find neutral ground. Whether it's running around killing zombies, experiencing fantasy type sims or exploring your dominate side, always find something that interests you both. Taking the time out of your busy schedules to just hang out and be is important to make it last. 

4. Be honest, stay true to yourself and do it in style!


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Poses By Le Poppycock 

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