Modern Retreat

12:51 PM The SL Registry (Roman Godde) 0 Comments

House - CONVAIR Walden Retreat -  NEW at Fameshed Until April 27.   
The package includes a mesh landscaped base with terrain, rocks and trees. it can be integrated into the parcel terrain to create a small rise for which the cabin to sit on.

The build land impact total is a low 80 with the cabin 21 and the base 59. The footprint of the cabin is 6m x 12m and the base is 20m x 20m. A wood stove is included with the package and a package of interior furnishings will be included with purchases made at Fameshed. The package will be sold separately after the event. Two versions of the cabin are included- one crisp warm natural materials and the second a muted weathered version. 

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